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New Oregon Uniforms: Influenced by the Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail, coming to jersey's everywhere

We at Off Tackle are loving the new Oregon jerseys, influenced by Oregon's settlers and the famous Oregon wilderness. And with another nod to Oregon's background, we give you the OTE-produced jerseys that are sure to bring you back to 1996 when you could die of dysentery in the morning and reboot your computer, only to die of cholera in the afternoon and reboot your computer, only to watch your family not survive the evening thanks to typhoid. Who said growing up in the 1990's was easy??

Here's the wiki description of your childhood game:

"The game was popular among North American elementary school students from the mid-1980's to mid-2000's, as many students in the United States and Canada had access to the game at school."

You'll also see a memorial to the 40 point blowout loss to the Utes on the helmet, with the words "Died of Utah" written in that classic 1990's computer font.