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OTE Picks, Week 6

So many questions in Week 6: Will Ohio State get on track? Will Northwestern move to 6-0? Does Minnesota have an offense? Will there be more PANDEMONIUM IN PISCATAWAY?! At least one writer said "yes" to all these, seriously.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

We got the whole #B1G in action this week! I'm setting the over/under on punts at 75. Any takers?

As usual, all times CST, you heathens. We've got 3109 words of picks, so get to reading looking at the graphics and then yelling at us in the comments.


Maryland @ #1 OSU (-33.5) || BTN

Straight-Up: Ohio State, 19-0

Against the Spread: Ohio State, 11-8

DJ Carver: I'm an awful fan and I'm picking OSU PLUS THE POINTS.  Maryland will not score, perhaps not the rest of the season with that kind of offense we saw last week.  Going to be a long season :(

87townie: Ohio State isn't going to get up for this game. While Maryland won't fight quite as hard as Indiana did last week, expect OSU to struggle at times. Buckeyes win, but don't cover.

Aaron Yorke: The Terps have scored six points total in the past two weeks. I think Ohio State can score at least enough to cover that. Ohio State 42, UMD 3

Candystripes for Breakfast: This game should tell us a lot about Ohio State. If they come out strong, it means they've figured something out, and they should be good to go for the rest of the season. Otherwise, there should be serious concern. OSU wins and covers.

alnamiasIV: OSU to win. The Buckeyes should cover against this lousy MD squad, but I'm tired of picking the OSU offense to finally wake up. Eventually, they either wake up or somebody of consequence beats them. MD is not somebody of consequence. OSU wins, doesn't cover.

WhiteSpeedReceiver: Let's see...control-v "This is totally the week everything clicks for tOSU."

Jesse Collins: Sure, why not Ohio State. You've looked really lost for the whole season, but this is a terrible Maryland team that should get blasted in the 'Shoe. If you do not blast the Terps at home, you should feel bad about yourselves. OSU 51 - Terps 12

Andrew Kraszewski: I know Maryland is on the verge of an utter collapse (if we aren't already seeing it), but that's a big spread. I wouldn't expect OSU to voluntarily call off the dogs, but I've stubbed my toe too many weeks in a row now calling the cover under the assumption that OSU will get it together and blow out whatever patsy is on tap. Until it happens, I'll take the points.

MNWildcat: Maryland is ungood. OSU is good. #hottaek * OSU, 45-3.*

Thumpasaurus: OSU covers due to turnovers, but doesn't pitch a shutout. Did you know that Ralph Friedgen was Rutgers' OC last year and is still on their staff?

Stewmonkey13: The disappointing favorite giving a shit ton of points, or the team that's completely falling apart, and quitting on the coach?  When in doubt, take the points.

GoForThree: This is the week. I'm sure of it. This is the week when OSU turns it on and unleashes Braxton down the field, lets Cardale huck it at will, and Zeke runs for one million yards. Or, the exact opposite and they struggle. Again. Your guess is as good as mine at this point.

RR:  OSU gets back on track in a big way, but Maryland derps around juuuuuuuuust enough to give the spread crabs.

Creighton M: OSU 48--MD 10: My first thought was "That spread is huge, no way the Buckeyes cover". My second thought was "Oh wait, Maryland".

Indiana @ Penn State (-8) || ESPN2

SU: Indiana, 12-7

ATS: Indiana, 16-3

DJ: This is stupid, Indiana.  This is really, really stupid.

87: Odds makers are as confused about the B1G's middle as the rest of us. The line basically covers a home field touchdown. I think Penn State gets up for this game. The debacle of Army isn't repeated. Instead, Donovan unleashes Hack and the speedy wideouts down the field. We attack Indiana's secondary, stretching the field repeatedly. That forces the Indiana D to rush fewer guys, which allows the running game to develop. Do you hear me Donovan??? Stretch the field for god's sake. PSU wins and covers.

AY: he Lions needed three turnovers just to squeak by Army on Saturday. They will probably play better versus Indiana, but the Hoosiers also might be the toughest opponent for PSU so far. A lot in this game will depend on the health of Saquon Barkley for Penn State and Nate Sudfeld for Indiana. I'm typing this on Monday night, so I'll just say that IU scores enough to win. Indiana 24, Penn State 23

CfB: The only way this spread isn't a mistake is if Nate Sudfeld absolutely cannot go on Saturday. IU wins and covers.

alnamiasIV: The unstoppable O vs the immovable D or something like that. PSU has improved incrementally since the Temple horror show and they're at home. PSU wins, but they don't cover.

WSR: What does Indiana need to do to get a little love?  I mean, other than apologize for all the Indiana basketball fans.

JC:  Indiana is winning this football game. Sure, history, talent gaps, and the fact that it's at Beaver is probably not super ideal, but Penn State has looked as sketchy as Indiana has looked okay over the past few weeks. Indiana 24 PSU 17

AK: BUT BUT BUT ADVANCED STATS YOU GUYS no, sorry, Penn State is a mediocre team with a lot of injuries. I considered picking the upset, but for now I'll just take the points.

MNW: I believe in IU. Injuries be damned, the Hoosies have the ball rolling and could actually go bowling. I think this is the game where we realize there's no doubt that they will. *Indiana, 24-17.*

Thump: Indiana wins. All the Seven Nation Army in the world won't protect Hackenberg or stop Xander Crews Zander Diamont.

Stew: All the advanced stats say PSU is MUCH better than Indiana.  I don't think there's quite that big of a disparity, but I do think it's just a bad matchup for the Hoosiers.  PSU covers.

GF3: Penn State's defense is garbage. #ALLTHEEXCUSES aside, there's no reason that Army's fullbacks should've been getting 8 yards up the gut. IU is a real team, and Penn State's offense is a sputtering bag of mediocrity. IU stuns PSU.

RR: It would appear the OSU-IU game was not carried in Vegas. IU wins by a field goal in an ugly, punt-filled, oh-so-Big-Ten game.

CM: Indiana 35--Penn State 24: I'm officially on the Indiana bandwagon

Illinois @ #22 Iowa (-11.5) || ESPNU

SU: Iowa, 18-1

ATS: Iowa, 13-6

DJ: Iowa isn't going to rollover and give you the game, Illinois.  Iowa does something un-Ferentz like and puts up...say, 40+ points in conference play.  Iowa plus the points.

87: This is a big spread. Too big for these two teams. It'll be another low scoring snoozer. Expect something along the lines of 10 to 6 with Iowa winning but not covering.

AY:  Illinois plays defense now, huh? Interesting. That will make this game exciting if not aesthetically pleasing. Iowa 13, Illinois 10

CfB: One of these teams was a fluke last week. This week, we find out which one that was. Iowa wins and covers.

alnamiasIV: Iowa should win. I mean, they just beat UW. I feel like this is the let down week. No, Iowa wins, doesn't cover.

WSR: I'm actually intrigued by this game. We could find out quite a bit about both teams here.  Iowa should win and cover, but I wouldn't be surprised by anything in this one.

JC: I'm beginning to wonder if beating Nebraska is a nice thing in 2015... Anyhow, Iowa at home with the win and cover. They have a better defense than Nebraska, which should be good enough for a solid 15 point win. Illinois 13 Iowa 28

AK: If Old Iowa is really back, it means a lot of wrestling matches where Ferentz gets to 21 and then switches to playing rugby. Should be good for the win, but give me the points.

MNW: Aww, look at Illinois! They think they're people! It's the most Oldkirk thing ever to allow a team like Illinois to stick around at home and yet somehow win comfortably by 10. Since everyone's telling me Newkirk is out and Oldkirk is back in (note: this may change as Iowa fans lurch from #HIREBERT back to #EXTENDKIRK), I'll go with that. *Iowa, 24-14.*

Thump: Wow, Nebraska so badly mismanaged that game that people have gone beyond coming down on them and started coming down on Illinois and telling us to knock off those lofty expectations. What expectations? We're just happy we beat Nebraska for the first time since they joined the B1G, and no amount of them being terrible in the future is going to ruin that. Anyway, in the Wes Lunt era, Illinois has won every game in which they've trailed by 8 or fewer at any point in the fourth quarter. They either win or they lose convincingly, and I don't think they're winning because they are terrible on the road. Iowa covers.

Stew: I think Iowa takes care of business.  100 yards for Canzeri, a pick for King, a couple sacks for Ott, and Beathard gets back in the groove.

GF3: Iowa is for real. This scares me. Iowa wins and covers.

RR: Iowa wins going away. This is the one where we realize that Illinois isn't as good as they've kinda been flirting with being.

CM: Iowa 38--Indiana 10: If you told me at the beginning of the season that I would pick Iowa to go double-digits over anyone, especially over an Illinois team that is playing surprisingly well, I would have slapped you for being a liar. Hawkeyes defense comes up big again.


#13 Northwestern at #18 Michigan (-8) || BTN

SU: Michigan, 10-8-1

ATS: Northwestern, 14-5

DJ: Why isn't this at Northwestern so that M00N is in play here? 0-0 is definitely in play here, maybe like 3-0 win to say....Northwestern.  Northwestern wins.

87: Wait, Northwestern is ranked 5 spots higher than Michigan and the Harbaugh's are favored? You better believe that's on a bulletin board in Fitz's locker room. Northwestern breaks out an economy size can of whoopass and we see Michigan's façade crack. Northwestern wins by two touchdowns.

AY: This one is going to be another slobberknocker. The fact that anyone can be favored by eight against that Northwestern defense is perplexing. Michigan 17, NU 14. But we're all rooting for N00M

CfB: Here's where I think the Wildcat bandwagon experiences its first wobble. Michigan wins, but the PurpleCats cover.

alnamiasIV: UM wins, knocks NU off its pedestal. UM covers. Rest of the country realizes UM is for real.

WSR: This is a joke, right? Actually, it looks like a collection of jokes, starting with Michigan being ranked.

JC: Almost every OTE writer is picking Northwestern to win in Ann Arbor. I get that, and then I think, "You know, this seems like the perfect time for Northwestern to crash and burn on some really sketchy last second call sending their entire season into a tailspin." So let's go with a Michigan win, Northwestern cover. Bonus points for a blatant no call on a hold or something as time expires and Northwestern fails to take the lead. Michigan 13 NW 12

AK: MISHIGIN BAK, ain't you heard? Skunkbears cover.

MNW: Get. Fucked. Harbaugh. Get. Fucked. Michigan. I made a bet with my professor today, so now the 'Cats have to find a way to win this. *Northwestern, 20-14.*

Thump: After the 10th scoreless overtime, Harbaugh and Fitzgerald agree to cease play, strike this game from the record and never speak of it again. By that virtue, northwestern covers. I hate this game more than I care about my pick percentage, and i would like both of these hype trains to crash full speed head on into each other.

Stew: Seems like a lot of points to give up.  I think these teams beat each other up for 3 quarters, and MI uses their superior depth and breaks through in the 4th to cover.

GF3: I want Northwestern to win so badly. Like M0456N. So they'll shit the bed. UM wins and covers.

RR: This is an interesting one. I think Northwestern wins on a 4th quarter field goal in an absolute knock-down drag out fight. Very B1G. Such punts.

CM: Northwestern 10--Michigan 3: Both defenses are scary good. Both offenses need a little bit of work. I think we get another M00N game this year for at least the first half. Or I guess it will look more like N00M or whatever.

Wisconsin @ Nebraska (-1.5) || ABC/ESPN2

SU: Wisconsin, 14-5

ATS: Wisconsin, 15-4

DJ: This is also really, really stupid.  Wisconsin.

87: Once again, the odds makers are throwing up their hands here. But they are wrong. Wisconsin is stinging from that loss to Iowa. They are going to take it out on the former Pelini's. Get ready for an old fashioned /Wisconsin Scored Again game. Wiscy by 21+.

AY: Is this a typo? Wisconsin 31, Nebraska 20

CfB: lolwat. Wisconsin wins and covers.

alnamiasIV: Nebraska is broken. UW to win and cover.

WSR: There are no winners here.

JC: EFF IT, I'M TAKING NEBRASKA AND THE POINTS (gonna say that this is probably my attitude for the rest of the season no matter what happens) Nebraska 77 Wisconsin 0

AK:  Ah, the classic Battle Of Two Teams Trying To Believe They're Good Despite Their Records. Is this one of the Quadrangle games with a good trophy or a contrived one? Hm? Pick? Give me Wisconsin to cover. There's one elite unit on the field, and whatever dysfunction Wisconsin has on offense, they should be able to muster enough to back the defense. Joe Schobert will be picking Tommy Armstrong out of his teeth all day.

MNW: PeLLLLini is dead. Long live RiLLLLey. Now someone tell him that's supposed to be how his name is spelled at the end of the season. I expect we'll hear about #STAVE4HEISMAN again after he tears up a miserable Husker defense. *WWisconsin, 31-13.*

Thump: Lol how is Nebraska favored against Wisconsin? That defense is much better than the one that just held them to 13. Wisconsin wins.

Stew: Vegas is begging me to pick UNL this week, but I just can't do it.

GF3: the fuck is happening here UW won't crank-stomp two weeks in a row....I think.

RR: Nebraska wins, Wisky covers, because some men just want to watch the world burn.

CM: Wisconsin 40--Nebraska 28: I don't know who comes up with these spreads anymore, but Nebraska by 1.5!? Stave gets back into form against whatever high schoolers the Huskers have in their secondary nowadays.

Minnesota (-3) @ Purdue || ESPNU

SU: Minnesota, 15-4

ATS: Minnesota, 14-5

DJ: LOL Minnesota.  Maryland is bad, but everyone knew it.  You all have probably fallen the furthest, save maybe Nebraska.  Screw it, give me Purdue.

87: ow this is just cruel. Minnesota is a good team and Purdue forgot who they were briefly. That will revert back to normal this week. Minny is fired up and takes it out on the Boilers. I expect a boat race. Minnesota wins this by two touchdowns.

AY: Remember when Jerry Kill was building something fun in Minnesota? This could be the end of that. Purdue 20, Minnesota 17

CfB: This seems kind of insulting. The Boilers aren't this bad. They aren't good, but they aren't this bad. Purdue wins and covers.

alnamiasIV: Minny offense is broken but good enough to beat PU and cover.

WSR: Yuck.  When in doubt, go Homersota. Don't watch this game, because I'll try to do it for all of you.

JC: I know it is trendy to pick Purdue after last week, but I still think Minnesota is the better team and walks away with a win here. I also think they cover. Minnesota 20 Purdue 10

AK: As with the previous game, you've got two teams with one excellent unit between them. Minnesota only scoring 14 points won't matter if Purdue doesn't make it to 10. Gophers cover.

MNW: Noted Rushing Team Minnesota is only averaging 3.66 ypc. Purdue is allowing 4.68 ypc. This game will be as painful as an afternoon in West Lafayette. Jerry Kill's squad is just disciplined enough to pull it out and stops a Purdue drive late. *Minnesota, 21-20.*

Thump: Minnesota wins 10-5. Even if this is not the score, this game is on Fünf Watch.

Stew: MN wins comfortably on the back of their defense feasting on Purdue's new QB.

GF3: Minnesota is killing. Kill-ing me. Kill-ing. Get it together, Goophs.

RR: Minnesota going away. Purdue is making strides, but not leaps.

CM: Minnesota 28--Purdue 13: I was dead wrong about this being Minnesota's year, and Purdue is, as usual, playing slightly better than the disaster everyone predicted. Still...Gophers win.


#4 Michigan State (-14.5) @ Rutgers || BTN

SU: Michigan State, 18-1

ATS: Michigan State, 12-7

DJ: Buttgers gonna lose a lot to a little.  They're taking applications for people to stand in the secondary, if anyone wants to be a D1 player.

87: Ha Ha Ha, aaah Ha Ha Ha. Talk about disrespect. Sparty fell in the polls and is just a two score favorite over Rutgers? Lol. Don't believe for a minute that Dantonio didn't hear every whisper of criticism from last week. He'll be in his players ears this whole week. Don't think for a minute that Rutgers will pull a Purdue. They won't, because MSU won't let em.

AY: Rutgers is bad. MSU 35, Rutgers 10

CfB: On the other hand, Rutgers IS this bad. Sparty wins and covers.

alnamiasIV: MSU doesn't quite get back on track, but enough to win and cover against messy RU squad.

WSR: This should be a boring, effective beating.  A Spartan effort, really. [ed. note: BOOOOOOOOOOOOO]

JC:  Rutgers is going to cover, but they're also going to lose. I don't know what is wrong with Sparty, but they're susceptible to play down to competition this year. Rutgers is down competition. I expect them to muddy things up across the board. MSU 34 Rutgers 25

AK: Spartans are 0-5 against the spread, still nursing a ton of injuries (though Rutgers is too), and presumably are starting to think about next week's battle for the state's soul. MSU to win, Rutgers covers.

MNW: I don't care. *Michigan State, 28-14.*

Thump: Michigan State will win by as little as they possibly can. This is a strange way to operate.

Stew: Buttgers still doesn't have a secondary, MSU still has Cook and Burbridge.  MSU covers.

GF3: LOL. As if.

RR: Night game, blackout, captain returning from suspension, Michigan State looking to next week's game. UPSET SPECIAL TIME PEOPLE. Carroo goes insane proving the world that he's back, puts the team on his shoulders and wins the biggest game in Piscataway since Pandemonium.

CM: Sparty 38--Rutgers 28: I would love to see Rutgers pull off a win here, but I don't think that's happening. Sparty will be unimpressive in victory again, but if being an Iowa fan has taught me anything, its that style points don't matter.


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