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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 6

watch it spin around to a beautiful oblivion

It's already Week 6! Speaking of 6, When I was at Purdue, Eve 6 was playing a free concert at Slayter Hill. They played their one hit about halfway into the set. After that a lot of people left. The Eve 6 guy got mad and complained about the people leaving. It was kind of funny.

Anyway, on to the drinks and locations!

Candystripes For Breakfast
Since we're having a noon kickoff this week, I'll probably just be rolling out of bed as the game starts (if I'm up that early). As such, my beverage of choice won't even be as caffeinated as usual, and most likely will just be milk. It will not be a bad choice.

I'll be in FILE DOES NOT EXIST on Saturday with my Dad and Brother (both REDACTED grads). Probably just a couple TBD beers before the game since I'm driving back to Naperville afterwards.

I am going to West Lafayette to see the Boilers lose in person for the first time this season. I will probably be drinking a bottomless coke zero, but who knows for sure? I could switch to regular coke if I'm feeling particularly care free about my health.

Ray Ransom
I'll be in Piscataway to watch the biggest upset win since Louisville 2006. Night game? Check. Blackout? Check. It's probably going to be a Jack and Coke night (black label/red label). That said, this may evolve into an all-day tailgating affair, so I will formally select "All of the above." Final answer.

I'll be home in North Florida, drinking this weekend. If Penn State loses to Indiana, the drinking will progress rapidly. I'm starting with some good beers. We'll see what comes after...

I'll be at Gamekeepers in Lincoln Park watching Northwestern take on Michigan with several other Cats fans. All northwestern fans should abandon Kincades and join us, because Gamekeepers has better Tvs and they won't shove us in an understaffed back room. Also, I know the bartenders well

Andrew Kraszewski
I'll be at a wedding in Clinton Township, out in the outer exurbs. BUT! At least the ceremony and reception are separated by a 3-hour gap to ensure I will watch absolutely no football at all. Huzzah!

Legendary, Historic Kinnick Stadium. It's homecoming so a decent amount of my normal tailgating group will be in the alumni band. But there will still be more than enough around for a good amount of beer and food. We don't have a theme this week, so I'll probably bring brats or country port ribs.

I don't know. I might not know until about 10am on Saturday morning. You see, I will for sure be presenting at a history conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan. That will be awesome, because while I present at 8:30am on Saturday, I will be out sampling the finest breweries of Grand Rapids by about 7pm on Friday night. That will continue for a long time before I finally give up on drinking my way through the city and Uber back to the hotel.
Saturday morning I will either be in a reputable bar of Grand Rapids, likely watching the game with a bunch of people I don't know, or I will have given in, rented a car FOR LESS MONEY NOW THAT I'M 25, and driven to Ann Arbor to watch what can only end in sadness for my 'Cats. We'll see just how motivated I get to do that in the next 36 hours. Either way, I will be drinking so much Founders this weekend that my liver will explode from happiness. Or cirrhosis. Your call.

UPDATE: Thanks to NickMarkaces being awesome, I will now be presenting at 8:30am, then driving out to Ann Arbor to arrive around 12:30 EST and get in a couple hours of tailgating with NUMBAlums in the Ann Arbor area before N00M kicks off! Go 'Cats! Drinks will be all the Founders.

Thomas Speth
I'll be in Oshkosh for pub crawl. I'll probably be watching the game in about 12 different bars. I'll be drinking Hendrick's and complaining at every bar that doesn't have Hendrick's because I'm a bar snob when I'm not working. Side note- it's perfectly fine to be a bar snob, but make sure you're a PHENOMENAL tipper. Otherwise you're just a dick

Jesse Collins
Nebraska plays a football game in Lincoln this weekend for a trophy that neither team acknowledges or seems to care about. In that game, it is highly likely that either a) Nebraska wins and proves Las Vegas to be nothing short of a clairvoyant genius, or b) gets beaten at home for the second time this year and drops what will - at the very least - probably be nothing short of heartbreaking. In a normal year, I would spend Saturday moping about because football is a sport in which there are losers and my team is finding itself on that side of the column. This year, however, I will watch the game and switch over to baseball somewhere in the 4th quarter because GO CUBS GO! See, I like to spread my collective sports sadness around, and this seems like an excellent opportunity to forget about my impending Nebraska sadness by focusing on elation or sadness. What I'm trying to say is that I'll be at home, terrified of sports and what they'll do to my soul this weekend.

I'll be on my couch in suburban St. Paul watching the Gophers "play football" while drinking more red bull and sprite. And if (when) the football game leads me to drink, I'll be switching to Big Gingers because I've got a surplus of 2 Gingers right now, and I want to fix that problem.

Creighton M
I came to realize last weekend that I am not, in fact, the one who makes the rules at home. Apparently I've been watching football too loudly in the living room the last few weeks, so I'll be laying low and heading to a local establishment that serves delicious craft beer and chicken wings. There is a small conglomeration of Hawkeye fans that go there every Saturday, so at least I'll have company.

Brian Gillis
I'll be back in Ann Arbor this weekend, taking in the B1G game of the week between Michigan & Northwestern. From what I understand, I won't be the only one making the trip - it seems Northwestern is coming for Michigan ( Really looking forward to the game - and hoping to see a healthy De'Veon Smith back in the fold.

Thanks to WhiteSpeedReceiver I am now aware of a thing called a Big Ginger. A big ginger is paying me a visit this weekend. Sounds like I know what we'll be drinking while we yell at my TV and make a big scene.

Rendezvous then I'm through with you.