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Minnesota 26 Michigan 29.

All is not lost.
All is not lost.

In French, it's "C'est la vie."  Such is life. The Germans have "Weltschmerz," which is an expression of weariness in that physical reality cannot satisfy the mind.  The basic understanding should be that failure and disappointment are basic parts of life.  College Football is no different, in that there needs to be a winner in every game.  The universe (and, more importantly, the NCAA) demands it.  In the game played on Halloween, both Michigan and Minnesota will think they deserved to win.  The Wolverines ended with more points on the board, while the Gophers outgained their foes, played inspired football, and came up a yard short. The disappointment will weigh heavily on Minnesota and it's fans.

We don't know how much emotion Minnesota put into the game. It was one of the three best performances of the year for the Gophers, and now two of them have ended up as losses.  If the team is able to rebound from this frustrating defeat and regain focus it's not unreasonable to believe that every game except Ohio State is quite winnable. On the other hand, it's entirely possible the Gophers shot their bullet tonight and will limp to the finish line.  Anyone who accurately predicts what will happen to this team over the next 4 games should be tried as a witch.

At the end of the day it's just a game. There's a winner and a loser in every one, and tonight we lost.  It's what Minnesota does quite a bit. A tough week for University of Minnesota athletics was capped off in a very Minnesota fashion, infuriatingly short of it's goal.