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SIX Big Ten teams in latest CFP rankings

Bucky joins the conversation!

"THEY'RE STILL NOT RESPEKTIN' US!" -Iowa fans, probably
"THEY'RE STILL NOT RESPEKTIN' US!" -Iowa fans, probably
Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

We'll post the tweets as soon as we have them, but for now, there are six Big Ten teams in the post-Week 10 College Football Playoff rankings:

CFP Rankings

25. Wisconsin (not ranked)

18. Northwestern (up 3)

14. Michigan (up 3)

13. Michigan State (down 6)

5. Iowa (up 4)

3. Ohio State (no change)

Quick Thoughts:

  • Michigan State fell...not as much as I thought they would, actually. But the rankings seem to affirm the idea that the Spartans and the Wolverines are of about equal quality, which I'm sure will be fun when one gets chosen over the other for an NY6 bowl.
  • Or if Northwestern leapfrogs one of them. I would shit myself with glee.
  • You got your Top 5 ranking, Iowa fans. You're in over Baylor. I'm sure your fans think you're still underrated, though.
  • 'Bama replaces LSU. I guess that makes sense.
  • It's still Ohio State's playoff spot to lose for the Big Ten. If Iowa creeps up in the direction of #5 or #6, I have a hard time seeing how, if undefeated Iowa met undefeated Ohio State in the Big Ten CCG, a Big Ten team wouldn't be included in the playoff.
  • The Notre Dame Myth continues. Did 2012 teach us nothing? Sort this out please, Stanford. The nation begs you.
  • Wisconsin's lack of a Good Win(TM) will continue to hold it back...Northwestern presents that opportunity, but we will see.
  • I'm surprised Northwestern got a 3-spot jump for beating Penn State, but that Stanford win is still good to the 'Cats.
  • Oklahoma State (8th) not making it into the Top 6 might actually affirm this idea that perhaps Iowa, an undefeated Big Ten team, might need to be taken seriously. Baylor being below Iowa confirms that.
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