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Week 10 Stock Report

Who's moving up and moving down after this past weekend's games?

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A little late this week, but it's that time to take a look at everyone's stock after last week's games.  There were no byes this week, so no one gets to take home the honor of losing to bye.  We're getting into the heart of November now, and that means one thing: Great games on tap.  Trophy games, The game, etc. are all coming up and this weekend served as one of the last before it's put up or quit time.

Stock up

Ohio State Buckeyes - A week after losing to bye, there is only one place for you to go.  This wasn't an awe inspiring performance, but I think in the eyes of many Buckeye fans, Cardale Jones doing just enough to win while not creating controversy was probably the A+ outcome of the weekend.  Next up: Illinois.

Iowa Hawkeyes - So many Hawkeye commenters apparently think C.J. Beathard is some sort of legend after the performance against Indiana.  He did play a good game while injured and helped the Hawkeyes to a win but let's be honest here, it was Indiana and the win was expected.  He probably should of rested up for the remainder of the season.  Next up: Minnesota.

Michigan Wolverines - We all knew Harbaugh was an asshole but this weekend confirmed as much.  With the game very much in hand, Harbaugh pulled a Bert and elected to go for two when up over three scores "because that's what the chart said to do."  You were up 25.  Against Rutgers.  This was not necessary.  If you didn't guess, they beat Rutgers down to a tune of 49-16 with the stock very much improved after looking rusty after the bye.  Next up: Indiana.

Northwestern Wildcats - I wavered on whether or not your stock was truly up after a 2 point win over Penn State, but then I remembered you beat Penn State and that's all I really cared about.  Whether or not Clayton Thorson can come back from injury will play a large part in the rest of your season's success.  Next up: Purdue.

Illinois Fighting Illini - Man, way to take a dump all over Purdue's parade after they upset Nebraska last week.  After putting up exactly zero points against PSU, you rallied for 48 points last week to remind us you are only one win away from bowl eligibility.  Next up: Ohio State.

Nebraska Cornhuskers - See! Luck finally turned your way and at the most opportune time! Technicalities aside on that last bomb to score, at some point this season this was bound to happen given all the last second losses.  Time to build on that with an easier opponent.  Next up: Rutgers.

Stock Holding

Wisconsin Badgers - I'm sure someone is going to give me flack for this but Wisconsin didn't do much last week to persuade me that they'll continue the win streak.  If Maryland had anybody at QB who could actually throw the ball we'd all be making fun of Wisconsin for losing the game.  The offense is really lost without Corey Clement and until he's firmly back in the lineup I hold no confidence in Wisconsin.  Next up: Bye.

Stock Down

Maryland Terrapins - Last week wasn't all that bad, Maryland.  Still, the lack of a quarterback who can either throw the ball or not throw 3-4 picks a game is what is holding you back.  Get a few of those long balls into the receivers hands and this could be a different season.  Next up: Michigan State.

Minnesota Golden Gophers - If you want to beat the top teams in the conference, you're going to have to score more than 14 points, and try to put those points on the board before the fourth quarter.  Good job holding Ohio State's offense mostly in check but as always the lack of offense is what's killing you.  Next up: Iowa.

Indiana Hoosiers - Tough performance to stay in the game until the fourth quarter.  Jordan Howard put up one of the best rushing games against Iowa this year, but Sufeld not completing even half of his passes....woof.  Next up: Michigan.

Rutgers Scarlet Knights - No Caroo, no chance at a win.  Something like that anyways.  It's hard to feel bad for you as you're just one of the various teams that fell to a very good Michigan team.  Still, losing your last three games by a combined 146-33 is not good.  You're going to have to figure something out on offense without Caroo.  Next up: Nebraska.

Penn State Nittany Lions - #YOLOHack didn't come to the ball game? It's going to be a tough next few weeks now that the Penn State soft schedule is done with.  Donovan would be wise to let #YOLOHack check in once in a while.  Next up: bye.

Purdue Boilermakers - You all must have still been drunk after last week's win.  That's literally the only explanation I can come up with for letting Illinois hold you to 14 points in a season where you've dropped 55 on another Power 5 school in your own conference.  Next up: Northwestern.

Michigan State Spartans -