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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 11

Live from various places, it's Saturday day!

We've made it to Week 11. That means that we have finally reached the point of the year where football and basketball season overlap. Some fans don't really care too much, or find it annoying that they have too many games to follow. As a Purdue fan, I thank God that basketball season has started, so I can have an excuse to not pay attention to the football games.

Anyway, let's go somewhere and drink.

Ryan Field, bringing the gal for some Purdue-Northwestern fun on her birthday weekend (her birthday is Thursday). Booze will likely be Hamm's and something vaguely classier, while the snacks of choice will be cinnamon rolls with bacon wrapped up inside them. I am very, very excited to consume them.

Graham Filler
State v Maryland. Same spot. Met a guy named Tennessee Fred, whose tailgate spread is earth shattering. Love that guy. Microbrews and apparently I have a newfound love of Bloody Mary's, medium spicy.

I will be on Amelia, probably doing a list of chores, since PSU is off this week. I'll take the horse-dog out to the park for a gallop in between peeks at the various games. My goal is an evening surf session, some boat time, and some beers with my friends. I'm going to get more Bell's, since that's what the wife likes. And see what interesting new brews are on the shelf at the local store.

Aaron: 87 rides a surfboard!

87townie: the real 87 rides a surfboard doesn't...Pretty funny.

I will be in Winnetka helping the gf pack and then I get to help her move on Sunday. So lots of red wine and assorted 3 Floyds and 5 Rabbit Cerveceria beers.

I'll be at a curling tournament, curling, drinking Labatt Blue, watching some football game, and checking the Purdue at whatever point in the day I fell like I need to be depressed.

Jesse Collins
I'll be in Des Moines this weekend, but due to circumstances, I will not be going to Iowa City to eat all of Stew's food. I'm not really happy about that, but sometimes things don't quite work. I will most likely be watching the game on my phone and intermittently getting glances of, "hey Jesse, stop watching the game and be sociable" from my wife as I try not to drive us off the highway.

Ray Ransom
This week, it's back to The Point to watch Rutgers dismantle Nebroski. I fully expect a half-empty stadium and some serious fan apathy after a brutal few weeks, but the hardcore folks will be there and ready to make some noise. This is definitely going to be a classy weekend, because Nebraska fans are super nice and because I think we all need to get really drunk in order to handle the hot mess that we're about to watch. Bagels, lox, mimosas and Bloody Maries are definitely in order. Class AF as always. Also sorry about your cannon Princeton.

Brian Gillis
I'll be in San Francisco, where much like last weekend, I'll enjoying the games from the comfort of my couch.

Candystripes For Breakfast
At home, watching football, drinking Vanilla Coke.

Aaron Yorke
I'll get out of work around 7:00 (Eastern time!), which should make for a long-awaited Saturday at home in Secaucus, NJ. Hopefully there will be some beers left in the fridge for Minnesota/Iowa and Oklahoma/Baylor.

I'll be in Evanston, bringing up some goose island or revolution brewing beers.

Thomas Speth
I'll be in Oshkosh. Hopefully that's far enough from the meteor impact in Iowa City to survive. I'll be drinking something with alcohol in it. I'll figure out what exactly on Saturday.


I shall be in Champaign doing my first tailgate at the new Gramge grove, barbecuing stuff and throwing back Beermosas (half witbier, half orange juice) before cheering on the Fighting Illini as they attempt to reclaim Maryland's mascot from Ohio State. In the event of an Illinois win, I will join the rest of the faithful in drinking all the alcohol within 10 miles of Memorial Stadium.