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Week 11: Big Ten Open Thread

Let's talk some football!

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

A little late, but no kids last night and my bluetooth keyboard is broken so things happen.  Here is today's slate:

Maryland at #13 Michigan State (-14.5) || 12:00pm ET || ESPN2

Is Michigan State going to come out pissed after last week's loss to Nebraska or deflated? Maryland, despite their 2-7 record, has kept themselves in games since Randy Edsall was fired so MSU may need until the fourth to put this away.

#3 Ohio State at Illinois (+16.5) || 12:00pm ET || ABC

Well, I'd say I hope this goes better than last night's basketball game for Illinois...but they're playing Ohio State.  Rough weekend for Illinois all around.

Purdue at #18 Northwestern (-14) || 12:00pm ET || BTN

Purdue let Illinois score 48 last week, so Northwestern's offense should be able to at least put up 24 right? Either way I'm sure that Northwestern's defense is much better than Illinois so I'm sure 14 would suffice.

Nebraska at Rutgers (+8) || 3:30pm ET || BTN

An easy opponent to put together a two game win streak Nebraska.  Let's not pretend they are Purdue and screw it up again.

#14 Michigan at Indiana (+13) || 3:30pm ET || ABC/ESPN2

I'm guessing Michigan covers this one easily.  As much as we all dislike Michigan they may be the best two loss team in the country.

Minnesota at #5 Iowa (-9.5) || 8:00pm ET || BTN

Who is Floyd going to this year? Iowa seems in position to make this game not even close.  Now that Claeys has his three year contract, what will he do without that interim title?

That's it! Normal rules apply: No illegal streams posted, no illicit photos/videos/gifs/vines posted, keep it sorta civil.  I'm looking at you Iowa.