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Potential New Coach Power Rankings: Week 11

These guys are starting to play each other more, making some mid-major games extremely relevant to those of us with interim coaches.

The top spot has been usurped
The top spot has been usurped
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the rules: No coach is exempt from being hired except for current P5 head coaches that are not retiring. Please note that Paul Rhoads fits these exemption criteria. Illinois, Maryland and Minnesota now need head coaches, but so does half the country, so my old scheme of assigning coaches based on any kind of ranking is no longer applicable.

1. Tom Herman, HC #13 Houston: 10-0. Last time: 3 (+2)
Down 34-14 to Justin Fuente's Memphis Tigers, the Cougars rallied in the fourth quarter to pull off the win and move to 10-0. Undeniably, the man in charge of the sole remaining playoff-buster deserves the #1 spot. 
Likely destination: Probably not the B1G with some of the big-time P5 jobs available.

2. Dino Babers, HC BGSU: 8-2, 2-0 against the B1G. Last time: 4 (+2)
The Falcons pulled away from a furiously rowing boat in Kalamazoo to improve to 6-0 in MAC play. With a 29-point loss at Tennessee and a 3 point loss to Memphis, I'm giving Dino the #2 spot here on the basis of being undefeated in conference play, which is what you want.
Please please please come to Illinois. Note to other schools: don't look at these rankings, they are garbage.

3. Justin Fuente, HC Memphis: 8-2. Last time: 1 (-3)
Memphis was exposed by Navy a couple weeks ago, losing by 25 points. However, they went into Houston and raced out to a 20-point lead in the fourth quarter. Then it fell apart. Nevertheless, Navy and Houston are very good teams, and Memphis has an impressive resume despite these losses. I can't stress enough that this guy has made Memphis good.
Likely destination: SEC

4. Ken Niumatalolo, HC #19 Navy: 8-1. Last time: 8 (+4)
Blew away Memphis and SMU to remain undefeated in the American. The West Division will be decided by the matchup against Houston in two weeks. I have him below Fuente on the basis of the unusual offense and that it seems unlikely that he'll leave Navy, but this is the best of his 7 seasons as the head coach there. Along the way, he coached Keenan Reynolds, who has now scored more rushing touchdowns than anyone else to ever play FBS football.
Likely destination: I feel like he isn't leaving

5. Matt Campbell, HC Toledo: 8-1, 2-0 against P5 teams. Last time: 7 (+2)
Defeated Central Michigan in another Tuesday Night MACtion game 28-23. Would probably have 9 wins if not for a cancelled game against Stony Brook in Week 1. Toledo currently owns the MAC East, but will have to go through BGSU and WMU to finish the job.
Likely destination: All signs point to a Midwestern gig. He's only 35, so I wouldn't be terribly surprised if he stays in Toledo. His whole life has taken place in Ohio.

6. Matt Rhule, HC Temple: 8-2. Last time: 2 (-4)
After winning a 60-40 basketball game at SMU, Matt went to South Florida and got Rhuled to the tune of a 44-23 drubbing. Woah! Nevertheless, a showdown against Memphis earns him the opportunity to get back in the Top 5. 
Likely destination: Rutgers ought to give him a call.

7. DJ Durkin, DC #14 Michigan: 8-2, 5-1 in conference play. Last time: 5(-2)
Thankfully for Michigan fans, he's flying a little farther under the radar since the MSU loss. Stopped a rudderless Rutgers offense without Carroo, but couldn't stop Indiana. If you're making the team count on Jake Rudock that much, you might not be performing well enough to top this list.
Likely destination: Promoted to Michigan HC when Harbaugh leaves for the Colts next week

8. Jeff Brohm, HC WKU: 8-2, 0-1 against the B1G. Last time: 6(-2)
Tough call down here. WKU has really been cleaning up C-USA this year, and they rolled again with a 35-19 win over FAU two weeks ago. Their remaining challenges are at FIU and at home against Marshall. 
Likely destination: Seems to have mostly worked right around Kentucky, so I'd venture a guess to say that he may stay on for a third year as head coach.

9. Rod Carey, HC Northern Illinois: 7-3. Last time: 10 (+1)
The Huskies continue to roll through the MAC, ripping off five straight to go to 5-1 in the conference. They trail Toledo in the MAC West but should have a good shot at overcoming them to earn a shot at presumable MAC East champ Bowling Green.
Likely destination: I feel like it's the Big XII's turn to hire the NIU coach.

10. PJ Fleck, HC Western Michigan: 6-4 Last time: 9(-1)
Brought ruin to Ball State 54-7 a couple weeks ago but came up 14 points short of Bowling Green State on Wednesday Night MACtion. The boat is rowing to NIU for a critical MAC West showdown. Will they paddle or be paddled?
Likely destination: texastexastexastexastexas

11. Willie Fritz, HC Georgia Southern: 7-2. Last time: 12 (+1)
The Eagles have rolled the last two weeks through a weak Sun Belt schedule. Could they troll Georgia between the hedges this weekend? Florida sure hopes so.
Likely destination: Wouldn't this guy in the SEC be fun?

12. Brock Spack, HC Illinois State: 8-2. Last time: 11 (-1)
Split the two tough matchups I mentioned, losing at SDSU and dominating SIU. Now tied atop the MVFC with North Dakota State, who is incredibly not on their regular season schedule. I wonder what the tiebreakers are? Either way, Spack has built a program that is tied with NDSU for the division lead, and that is very impressive.
Likely destination: Mustache University at West Lafayette

13. Lance Leipold, HC Buffalo: 5-5 Last time: 13 (-)
Put up a pretty good fight against NIU. With games against Akron and UMass remaining, the Bulls have a very good shot to go bowling in Leipold's first year
Likely destination: probably Buffalo

14. Bob Stitt, HC Montana: 6-4. Last time: 14 (-)
Won a squeaker at Idaho State and dominated Eastern Washington to go to 5-2 in conference, 6-4 overall. Probably going to stick around a little longer, but is certainly an interesting candidate.
Likely destination: Realistically, he'll stay at Montana this year.

15. Bo Pelllllini, HC Youngstown State: 5-5. Last time: 15 (-)
Destroyed Missouri State 47-7. Led NDSU 24-10 in the fourth quarter. Then. Disaster.
Spectacular disaster, marked with a meltdown that earned him a 15-yard penalty. He's certainly got the fire still.
Likely destination: The world is his oyster

16. American Pharaoh, Triple Crown winner. Last time: 16 (-)
As if American Pharaoh's Breeder's Cup win wasn't impressive enough, now he's up for 
Sports Illustrated Sportsman Of The Year after being named one of 2015's most influential Jews by the Jewish Daily Forward.
Likely destination: Rutgers. Forget Matt Rhule, American Pharaoh would immediately sell Rutgers to the NYC Jewish population.

17. Bill Cubit, Illinois interim HC: 5-5, 2-4 against the Big Ten. Last time: 19 (+2)
I just struggle so much to put Illinois into context this season. This is an interim head coach, and yet here we sit at 5-5. We've not had a losing record once this season. By all means this is more successful an interim season than I expected. And yet, Cubit simply can't be retained. He's not moving us forward, he's merely keeping this season afloat. Seems like a hell of a guy, sells tickets on the quad, seems to really have the respect of his players. But the asinine playcalling and the fact that our offense is now at its worst under him in the third year we've been running his system are among the factors that disqualify him from the permanent job. We had a special teams coach who coached terrible special teams, a defensive coach who coached terrible defenses, and now we have an offensive coach coaching a terrible offense. Thank you for all you've done to make this season worth watching, Bill. No hard feelings.
Likely destination: He should become a Champaign-Urbana townie. I'd buy him a drink at the Icehouse.

18. Rick Stockstill, HC MTSU: 5-5, 1-3 against this list. Last time: 18 (-)
Beat Marshall and Florida Atlantic to improve to 5-5 on the year. I don't think he's really going anywhere though
Likely destination: MTSU

19. Mike Locksley, Maryland interim HC: 0-4. Last time: 19 (-1).
So close to beating Wisconsin with the Wrestleback Offense! Not quite as effective against Michigan State.
Likely destination: Has not yet punched anything, including his ticket to an HC gig.

20. Trollin' Tommy Tuberville of 6-4 Cincinnati. Has not managed any quality trolling in a while. Trolling Miami 34-23 lost its luster when Clemson trolled them into firing Al Golden. May want to return to a major conference also-ran to resume trolling. Purdue Harbor?

21. Al Golden, former Miami coach. Please, Tulsa. Hire Al Golden to coach the Golden Hurricanes. Please please please.

22. Ron Zook, Packers Special Teams coordinator. In fairness to Zook, the Packers recovered the onside kick that should have allowed them a chance to win the game. His unit did its job.

23. Ron Turner, HC FIU (5-6) Beat Charlotte to improve to 5 wins and find himself on the doorstep of bowl eligibility. In supremely Illinois fashion, the former Illini head coach led his team to a 52-0 shutout at Marshall. Will probably get rolled by Western Kentucky.

24. Lou Tepper, DC Buffalo (5-5). In his second season at Buffalo, Tepper's defense held the mighty Bowling Green State Falcons to their lowest point total by far in conference play (28). In true Lou Tepper fashion, that didn't matter since Buffalo only scored 22. The spirit of Lou Tepper was alive and well in Champaign on Saturday.

25. Joe Philbin. Fired as Miami head coach a couple weeks ago, Philbin will be polishing up the ol' resume, which includes a stint as Iowa's offensive line coach under Original Kirk from 99-02. The Packers should probably get him back onboard.

26. Dan "It's Division 1 Football" Hawkins, HC US National American Football Team. Won the IFAF Gold Medal for 2015, which on one hand is impressive, but on the other hand the US national team has never lost a game. Dylan Favre was the quarterback.

27. Bill Lynch, HC DePauw: 8-1. He's turned around a DePauw program that was 4-6 in his first year to 8-1 in this his third year. A quick turnaround like that could be just what a team like Indiana needs. They should give this guy a call!

28. Paul Petrino, HC Idaho: 3-7. Paul Petrino sucks.

29. Racism

30. Lane Kiffin

31. Everyone else who has ever coached an FBS football team

32. Tim Beckman

Available Jobs (FBS):
Power 5 Jobs:

  • Illinois (Tim Beckman fired)
  • Maryland (Randy Edsall fired)
  • Minnesota Retiring Jerry Kill replaced by Tracy Claeys
  • USC (Steve Sarkisian fired)
  • South Carolina (Steve Spurrier retired midseason)
  • Miami (Al Golden fired)
  • Virginia Tech (Frank Beamer to retire)
  • Missouri (Gary Pinkel to retire)

Other FBS Jobs:

  • Hawaii (Norm Chow fired)
  • North Texas (Dan McCarney fired)
  • UCF (George O'Leary resigned)
  • Louisiana-Monroe (Todd Berry fired)

Jobs With Potential/Rumored Availability:
Power 5 Jobs:

  • Iowa State (Paul Rhoads 2-10 last year, 3-7 this year, 32-53 in year 7)
  • Virginia (Mike London 5-7 last year, 3-7 this year, 26-45 in year 6)
  • Rutgers (Kyle Flood 8-5 last year, 3-7 this year, 25-21 in year 4, very very bad at discreetly greasing professors)
  • Syracuse (Scott Shafer 3-9 last year, 3-7 this year, 13-22 in year 3)
  • Auburn (Gus Malzahn 8-5 last year, 5-5 this year, 25-12 in year 3. They moved pretty fast on Gene Chizik...)
  • Colorado (Mike MacIntyre 2-10 last year, 4-7 this year, 10-25 in year 3. However, 4 wins at Colorado can be interpreted as progress)
  • Georgia Tech (Paul Johnson 11-3 last year, 3-6 this year, 61-41 in year 8...but he won 11 games last year)
  • Texas (Charlie Strong 6-7 last year, 4-6 this year, 10-13 in year 2, Texas changed AD's during this football season...but they beat Oklahoma)
  • Indiana (Kevin Wilson 4-8 last year, 4-6 this year, 18-40 in year 5, coaches the best 4-win team in the country, has had some shit luck)
  • Purdue (Darrell Hazell 3-9 last year, 2-8 this year, 6-28 in year 3...people seem to believe the administration won't move on)
  • Georgia (Mark Richt 10-3 last year, 7-3 this year, 143-51 in year 15. Rumors are strong on this one)
  • Kansas State (Bill Snyder is seventy-six years old.)
  • Boston College (Steve Addazio 7-6 last year, 3-7 this year, 17-19 in year 3)

Other FBS Jobs:

  • Kent State (Paul Haynes 2-9 last year, 3-7 this year, 9-24 in year 3)
  • Tulane (Curtis Johnson 3-9 last year, 3-7 this year, 15-32 in year 4)
And I don't feel like getting into maybe-maybe-nots on other FBS jobs, but I feel pretty confident that those two will be gone.