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Maryland v. MSU: A Fan In The Stands

Pictures are better than not pictures.

Michigan State versus Maryland. Stream of Graham-consciousness. Including amazing three second hype video.

My wife is an OB/GYN resident and taking her Step 3 she's studying all day. I read an article about a guy who was married to a doctor and was super unhappy...that's not me. We're both busy, so I have time to take care of my business and get out of her way when she needs to study. I am happy. I hope she passes. We got married in June by the way, she's a catch. Here we are at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island:

Probably one of the only photos I didn't mangle with my terribly overbiting smile. Smiling for posed photos, not one of my gifts.

To the game!


Beautiful day, literally 55 degrees-ish and sunny the whole day.

I have a friend who lives on the corner of Hagadorn and Grand River. Someone at his house made some kind of thick cut bacon and I had to be dragged away from it. Easy walk to the game (is this November in Michigan??) with a stop in front of the Meijer tailgate to knock down Michigan beers (Two-Hearted for the win!).


I always sit with a buddy who loves Spartan football more than just about anything in his life. Good seats. Welcome!

74k in attendance and a spirited crowd for what amounted to a relatively easy trap game victory. There was a guy behind us telling to fill the gap and for a pick 6 from Nicholson...on every play Michigan State was on defense. He is forever known as "Specific Outcome Cheer Guy."

Connor Cook was hurt and after initial success with O'Connor, the playcalling went conservative and the passes were less than crisp. Connor Cook, man, Connor Cook. I will tell you that all Spartans recognize that he is the real deal and what a luxury it's been to have an NFL-level QB. Come to think of it: Stanton, Hoyer, Cook, Cousins...Smoker. Some really good Spartan quarterbacks.

MARYLAND HELMET RATING: Gaudy monstrosities

Man what is going on with these? Maryland's flag is awesome, I got that, and it's cool to put it on everything but...Can we just leave the helmet alone? How many people have ever said "that helmet is too clean, let's muddy those waters A LOT"? They served as distractions to the game viewing experience from my vantage point.

I mentioned sometime during the game that I'm always disappointed that we don't see more fire from opposing benches, and then I realize that sitting in these seats, I've never seen MSU lose, so what I watch is probably a mixture of muted effort and resignation to losses. But if you make a play, you can guarantee that within 10 seconds of hitting the sideline, you're going to be coached up or sitting down in your position group. Not a whole lot of time for the Macarena.

Speaking of being coached up, check out the main photo for this article. My favorite photo of the afternoon, as Locksley gets on Hills for...what I presumed to be a decent throw that was incomplete because of a better defensive play. but you have here is a nice hearty ass slap and some words of encouragement. Maryland seems to be running a more original, clever offense since Edsall was fired...three yards here, four yards there...which is more than I was expecting. The interceptions though, that felt about right.


I appreciate his energy. I appreciated the Maryland players for not fighting with each other as the day wore on and for taking the beating with class. I do not appreciate the Maryland punter. The Maryland punter was terrible. Checking the stats...Yup, the B1G's worst in net. We almost saw a net negative punt. You think with all that practice...

Alright I'm good here. Snoozer of a game because of no Cook and Maryland having no playmakers on offense. Thankful for beautiful Michigan November weather. Loving Big Ten football and praying that Maryland doesn't get relegated because then we'd lose all the Old Bay. Shoot me a message if you're tailgating at the MSU/PSU game, I'll come and drink your beer/bourbon.