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Still six B1G teams in the CFP rankings

It's the usual suspects, though NU drops.

"Still not #2?!"
"Still not #2?!"
Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

25. Wisconsin (no change)

20. Northwestern (⬇2)

12. Michigan (⬆2)

9. Michigan State (⬆4)

5. Iowa (no change)

3. Ohio State (no change)


  • I'm surprised Michigan didn't move up more, given the losses above them, but being taken to the wire by Indiana affects some more than others, apparently.
  • Baylor still hasn't beaten anyone. Just your weekly update. 10 is too high.
  • Florida is gonna be above you, Sparty, and barring something unexpected, that won't be changing.
  • Clemson should still be #1. Good job, committee.
  • Notre Dame is still trash, but do you, committee. Stanford will sort that out.
  • Apparently beating Purdue by little costs Northwestern but beating Indiana in 2OT doesn't cost Michigan. Whatever.
  • Something about Iowa. Probably that they're underrated, according to Iowa fans, and overrated, according to non-Iowa fans. In reality, they deserve to be #5. I don't think they've earned their way up to #4, and 5-6 is a perfect place for both Oklahoma State and Iowa until they either prove themselves or Notre Dame falls. I guess it makes sense. But it still overvalued Notre Dame, which is trashier than Iowa.
  • That's the nicest thing I'll say about you all year, Iowa.

More analysis to come when I'm off mobile, possibly. Let us know your thoughts in the comments!