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Week 11: Big Ten Stock Report

Lots of close games this week while the penny stock teams all looked just as they appear

Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Weird week all, weird week.  After having a lot of teams up or down in stock, no one did much to move that far this week with all of the close games played.  Let's have a look:

Stock Up

Ohio State Buckeyes - It wasn't sexy by any means, but Ohio State thoroughly put Illinois away 28-3.  OSU properly fed Ezekiel Elliott and he rewarded them accordingly with 181 yards and a pair of TDs.  Keep that up this weekend and people will probably stop comparing you to last year's FSU team.  Next up: Michigan State.

Michigan State Spartans - This game ended 24-7 but MSU's offense did not look so hot doing so.  Connor Cook was inexplicably in and out early with no apparent injury, that was until he did go down with one later on in the 1st half.  The defense looked good, but it's Maryland, so nothing new here.  You'll need to have a perfect game next week if youo want to get back in that playoff hunt.  Next up: Ohio State.

Nebraska Cornhuskers - Just what you needed to follow your last minute win last week: Rutgers.  Your secondary, as bad as it's been, properly shutdown Leonte Caroo while Tommy Armstrong played a fairly efficient game, passing for 188 and 3 TDs.  Next up: bye.

Stock Holding

Byes: Penn State and Wisconsin.

Iowa Hawkeyes - No legendary performances this week Iowa.  Yes, you beat Minnesota, but your defense also let Mitch Leidner look like a semi competent QB while allowing 3 rushing TDs and 4.6 yards per rush.  If you want to shutup the critics, you need to bury Minnesota's inept offense, not make it look good.  Next up: Purdue.

Michigan Wolverines - Needing double OT to take out Indiana isn't exactly the look you're going for, is it? The defense hasn't looked right since the bye, and it's something teams like Ohio State will make you pay for.  Next up:

Northwestern Wildcats - You know, it's almost tempting to put you in stock down for only beating Purdue 21-14 at home and needing a late TD to do it.  You all definitely aren't doing it pretty, but a win is a win.  Next up: Wisconsin.

Indiana Hoosiers - I can't put you in stock down for taking one of the better teams in the league to double OT.  That was some solid effort and everyone was rooting for you to take out the fighting harbaugh's.  I'm not sure why you're not favored at Maryland this week.  Next up: Maryland.

Stock Down

Illinois Fighting Illini - That just wasn't good at all Illinois.  I'm still amazed that you all are a .500 team and somehow in bowl contention at the moment.  You guys just have to get lucky one more game, but I'm not sure Cubit is making his case to hang around as HC.  Next up: Minnesota.

Minnesota Golden Gophers - Claeys got his contract but couldn't keep Floyd around.  You all never stopped fighting though and took one of the last undefeated teams down to the wire, and that counts for something.  I'm not sure what though since you still need to win out to make a bowl.  The offense hasn't looked awful the past few weeks, but the defense isn't doing as well as it has.  Next up: Illinois.

Maryland Terrapins - The good news? The next two games are winnable.  The bad news? 2-8.  The defense has looked much better, but turnovers and bad QB play continue to crush any hopes that Maryland has of winning games.  Next up: Indiana.

Purdue Boilermakers - I'm fairly certain your fans are just as happy as Maryland fans that basketball season has started.  You all took Northwestern to the end of the game, but I think almost wins are not counting in your book anymore after one conference win in three years.  Next up: Iowa.

Rutgers Scarlet Knights - I'd tell you that you at least have basketball to look forward to, but NOPE.  That might be worse than your football team.  I feel bad for you guys. Sort of.  Next up: Army.  Please don't lose to Army.