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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 12

Time is running out

There are only two weeks left in the regular season of college football. There's not much time to get out and watch a game while enjoying a beverage. So let's get to it.

I'm going home to State College, Pa...Happy Valley! I'll be there for the Michigan game with Mrs. Townie and our kids. I love the spectacle of a white out. I'm warning all you Michigan fans, my oldest daughter's first ever game was the three OT win. She's baaaack! The grownups will be drinking mulled cider with Apple Jack or Bourbon. We'll probably head out to Zeno's and the Skeller with some other old Townies for a pitcher (or three). I know I'll hit Cafe 210 West at some point too. For the kiddo's we'll go to the Creamery for some Keany Beany Chocolate and Bitter Sweet Mint cones. I can't wait to go home. And Get Fucked Michigan!

Graham Filler
Dewitt, Michigan. I've been told that my neighbors are having a FriendsGiving feast. Because my wife is studying for Step 3 Board's, I am guessing she will study and I will have to bring something that doesn't require baking, like bourbon or chips. We will be watching Sparty attempt to pull the upset.

DJ Carver
I'll be in College Park to go to the last Maryland home game of the year. It certainly would be nice if they would, you know, win a conference game at home this year. I'll be drinking something alcoholic TBD. Still trying to figure out how Maryland is favored in this game but /shrug

I'll be taking my talents to Mid Beach and probably also South Beach at the end of the night. Not sure what I'll be drinking yet. Last time I went on a vacation during a MN-IL game was 2010, hopefully we get the same results. Crossing my fingers that thunderstorms don't ruin my vaca in Miami. (Please include a youtube embed of the Will Smith song)

I'll be at TCF Bank Stadium watching the cathartic release of frustration all over Illinois. It's not personal, Illini, you're just there. And since it's supposed to be below 30 degrees, I'll be drinking as much Grain Belt Nordeast as I can put down.

Ray Ransom
Unfortunately, I'll be speaking at a business conference on Saturday, so I'm going to either have to tape the game and watch it when I get home or sneak out to the lobby bar in between sessions. In the former case, I have a fridge full of Yuengling Porter, which is pretty darn tasty and good for a beatdown of your friendly rival. In the later case, it'll be whatever's on tap in whatever bar is closest to our conference hall at the Tropicana in Atlantic City. My guess would be Lager, but if there's something that pairs better with a 20+ point victory, I might give it a try.

Sorry GF3, I have to savor the few victories we can squeeze out of this season.

I will be in the belly of the beast, taking a nice trip out to visit the girlfriend in the People's Republic of Madison. She bought me these tickets for my birthday, so I'm legally obligated to go, though I doubt I'll have a good time. Drinks will be morning bloodies at her place with her and her OT friends, and we'll play bags and revel in what's shaping up to be a snowy Madison morning. Upon realizing that I'm not drunk enough to be verbally abused by scores of UW-Platteville grads on our 5-block walk to the stadium, I'll likely switch to some sixer of craft beer, possibly my oft-enjoyed Madison standby of Ale Asylum Hopalicious. If I'm feeling particularly saucy, I'll probably mix in some Dogfish Head 90-Minute IIPA that I picked up today for $8.50.

Brian Gillis
I plan on watching Saturday's action at the Taco Shop @ Underdogs in San Francisco. I've never been, but from what I hear it's a pretty cool place - good tacos, good tequila and most importantly - a good place to watch Michigan play. I'll likely be there for the double-header of Michigan/Penn State and Michigan State/Ohio State - while keeping an eye on USC/Oregon. Before gameday, I'll be kicking off my weekend Friday afternoon w/ a tour of the Anchor brewery and tasting room. One of my favorite breweries/beers west of Grand Rapids.

Candystripes For Breakfast
I'll probably be just rolling out of bed at kickoff, so I expect milk will be the beverage of choice while watching Indiana play something that many people will call football, but I will probably only recognize as misery (unless by some chance we don't figure out how to screw this up).

Thomas Speth
I'll be in woods of the Upper Pennisula freezing to death/shooting innocent animals while getting texts from the woman about how much she hates that I'm hunting instead of hanging out with her. Even though she went home early tonight because she's "sick". We'll see if that's true because that means I'll feel terrible while hunting this weekend. Sorry your dad is cooler than you #deercamp


MNW: sh sh sh let's just see how it plays out

Andrew Kraszewski
As for me, I will be going FULL CRIMMAS in greater Detroit during Saturday's games, as the ladyfriend wants to do tree decorating and other holiday miscellaneity, so as long as that's done by 3:30, I can settle in with my seasonal favorite, Evernog, and watch the Spartans make each and every Buckeye fan on the planet wish for the sweet kiss of death to forget their misery :D

I'm going to stay at home this week and watch NU while drinking some Not Your Father's root beer.

I'll be on a plane home from Phoenix, drinking $17 tiny bottles of liquor.

Creighton M
I'll be in Charlottesville with a fridge full of Goose Island Matilda, and plans to make falafel that will devolve into ordering pizza. Anybody want 2 unopened cans of chickpeas?

I'll be curling again this weekend. I'll probably watch the DVRed game after I'm sure that the Boilers pulled out yet another victory. So maybe I won't watch the game at all. I will drink some Warsteiner Dunkel.

I'll be in Rochester Hills MI drinkin on Pinnacle Cookie Dough vodka and chocolate milk. As that is a deadly combination, I shall soon switch over to a bottle of Heaven Hill I found last weekend. The holy grail of cheap whiskey!