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Big Ten Football: Chaos, & So Much To Say

Can we just all admit that we love College Football?

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Lawyer-type talking points, to keep my mind straight:

OSU Coaches Did Let Their Team Down

Super conservative playcalling: CHECK

Failure to throw high percentage, intermediate range throws: CHECK

Zeke Elliot goes MIA??? CHECK

It felt like an out-of-body "I can't believe it" experience, watching a once-super aggressive Urban Meyer team channel the ghost of Jim Tressel and help keep the game close. The weather was bad, but the rain let up in the third quarter.

KUDOS To Sparty's Effort

Who knew the Spartans would dominate the LOS against the uber talented Bucks?

Who knew the Spartans, with their backs against the wall and no Connor Cook, would go all Incredible Hulk and get impressive smashmouth football from a seemingly outmanned squad?

This Week Will Be Fun

Natty-champ and B1G-championship possibilities come down to the last week.

If Iowa defeats Nebraska, the Hawkeyes will be an undefeated, Top 5 team playing against a (most likely) favored B1G East team. Lots of ink has been spilled to explain why Iowa is, or isn't for real. Well it doesn't matter much anymore; they've got two chances to prove it themselves.

And as one of our writers said, why not Iowa??? Maybe their schedule is weaker than OSU/MSU/UM, but those teams don't exactly look like world beaters each week against middling opponents. Undefeated Power Five at the end of the season is Res Ipsa Loquitor. How do you like my retorts, Iowa haters?

Super-simple Big Ten East analysis: MSU wins, they're into the B1G Championship game. MSU loses, then winner of UM/OSU goes to Indi.

Predictions? I think OSU and MSU win; MSU with too much on the line to fall asleep against a tough, but generally mediocre PSU team, and OSU I think will bounce back out of anger and inspired by The Game.


Presumably, Clemson and Alabama are locked in nicely to the CFB Playoffs, barring big upsets.

That leaves 1 loss Notre Dame team playing against a 2 loss Stanford team...a 1 loss, and extremely impressive, Oklahoma team playing it's rivalry game against OSU on Saturday...a 1 loss Baylor team playing TCU on Friday...And what if Connor Cook's injury is more serious than it seems?

All this means Chaos, Chaos everywhere. All kinds of Chaos.