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Iowa at #4, Michigan State at #5: The Big Ten Should Make the CFP Again

Matthew Holst/Getty Images

The Rankings

16. Northwestern

10. Michigan

8. Ohio State

5. Michigan State

4. Iowa


  • Clemson and 'Bama stay Top 2...someone change this, please.
  • Florida is #12...I don't think they make the CFP even if they beat 'Bama to win the SEC. Go Gators.
  • Bedlam might just end the Sooners' hope at the Playoff...I find the #3 rating to be wayyyy overranking Oklahoma for a win over now-#18 TCU, but that's how it goes. I still don't think they should've jumped Iowa.
  • Ohio State at #8 is still within striking distance, should they make the championship game and beat Iowa. That would raise questions of how devalued the Michigan State loss would be after a loss to Penn State, but #8 and a win over a #4 Iowa may still raise some eyebrows.
  • Stanford at #9 is within range: a win over Notre Dame and a win in the PAC-12 CCG would vault them in. Northwestern would be a better version of VaTech as a result. That could be fun.
  • Speaking of, I'm pleased to see Northwestern over Oregon. Both have wins over Stanford, but I'll still argue that Northwestern's defensive performance was more dominant that Oregon's eking out a win on the virtue of their offense.
  • Iowa at #4 is exactly where they should be. The Hawkeyes are an undefeated Big Ten team and this conference still means something. They win, they're in.
  • Michigan State jumping Notre Dame to make it to #5 warms my heart, and it should warm yours, too.
  • Michigan State-Iowa, should it happen, is now a de facto play-in game for the playoff. That's exactly right.