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Off Skillet Empire: Wisconsin's Favorite Bird!

It's Thanksgiving, and it's also Minnesota-wisconsin week! Let's revisit one of badger Athletic Director Barry Alvarez's favorite family recipes!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  I hope everyone has plans to get together with their family and overeat until your pants no longer fit and you feel ok with watching a Detroit Lions or Dallas Cowboys game.  In the spirit of the season, I thought I'd share a family favorite from everyone's favorite leader of programs and the cause of the B1G hockey conference: Barry Alvarez!  Barry learned this recipe way back in the 6th year of the badger football program (1999) from his son Chad.  So without further ado, PARROT ALA ALVAREZ!


Your roommates parrot

Cooking Instructions

Take your roommate's parrot, preferably living, and put it in a microwave.  Start the microwave, then pass out.


No one at Off Tackle Empire, our families, our employers, our sponsors, our pets, our elected officials, our legal council, our religious leaders, our teachers, our mentors, our neighbors, and people we've met in passing while drunk at football games and/or bars believes that you should ever harm a living animal.  Please do not microwave a parrot.