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Sorry it's been a couple weeks since this has dropped.  I've been working on getting the basketball version of this system up and going (probably debuting next week), and also getting the FCS adjustment nailed down.  Up until now games against FCS teams have gotten a flat -40 SoS adjustment.  That is a legacy number used in for several years on some initial calculations.  However, I've now been able to aggregate all the data from games against FCS teams into a single entry so that the formula can be more accurate.

The rankings:

B1G Thoughts:

  • No B1G team in the top 4, :(
  • OSU stays #1 in the conference despite the loss, though they have taken a bit of a tumble.
  • Sparty jumps into the top 10 with the big OSU win.  The close calls all season are still holding them back, though.  Get that chip on your shoulder.
  • Michigan a top 10 team.  Their point differential is damn impressive, and is mostly what's getting them to rise in the rankings.
  • Iowa at 12?!?!  Behind two, two loss teams?!?!  Yup.  Their unadjusted rating is #4 overall.  It's that schedule that is absolutely killing them here.  Ain't played nobody, PAWWWWWWWWL.
  • jNW keeps on trucking.
  • Wisconsin is trash
  • PSU is basically a slightly worse version of jNW.  Pretty similar resume in this system.
  • UNL has been climbing up the rankings pretty steadily the last few weeks.  Still, Fuck Nebraska.
  • Minnesota has also improved a bit, and their schedule has been BRUTAL  If they make a bowl, they'll have earned it, and then some.
  • IL just kinda sitting there, completely mediocre, and yet can make a bowl with the HAT game.
  • Man, UNL, MN, IL, and IN just kinda clustered there.  The gooey center of mediocrity.
  • Maryland, Buttgers, and Purdue are all dogshit teams.
  • The has the top 3 SoS rankings with MD, MN, and Purdue.  MN is actually not a terrible team, where as a lot of the reason MD and Purdue have such easy schedules is that they don't get to play themselves.

Other thoughts:

  • Alabama is good, has played a tough schedule, and has dominated it.  I really don't get why people complain about them.
  • Navy is really, really good.  I don't think they're getting enough love.  Keenan Reynolds is awesome and should be getting more Heisman love.

Conference rankings:


  • B1G is still having a pretty damn good year.
  • The ACC is bad, it's closer to the American than the SEC.
  • The AAC really is the king of the G5.