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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 13

Best college football weekend of the year?

It's time to be thankful for football. Or, in my case, thankful for the merciful end of college football season. Even if your team is a tire fire, there are plenty of good games to watch. Will Ohio State start a losing streak, after winning 55 games in a row? Will Michigan State have a letdown against Penn State? Will Purdue dash Indiana's hopes of a bowl game?

Graham Filler
#15 Navy at Houston

#4 Iowa at Nebraska

#7 Baylor at #19 TCU

#8 OSU at #10 Michigan

Penn State at #5 MSU
#2 Bama at Auburn

#18 Ole Miss at #21 Miss State
#13 FSU at #12 Florida
#6 ND at #9 Stanford

#3 Oklahoma at #11 Okie State

And those are just the games that impact the CFB Playoffs spots!

This revised WWBDWBBWDDW should just be entitled "How To Survive Such A Weekend"

Not happening, Graham. The acronym title stays.

I'll be at Soldier Field watching Illinois lose to Northwestern and I'll bring some Three Floyds Robert the Bruce.

Jesse Collins
Great weekend ahead, right? Thursday, I'm partaking in two Thanksgivings because apparently, having food twice is twice the fun! After I come out of a food coma on Friday, I'll get bundled up and head down to Lincoln for what will surely be a fun time at the... LOL... I don't know why I'm doing this to myself. It's gonna be cold. There is an extremely strong chance that bad things happen to my team. It's gonna be really cold. DID I MENTION WE WILL PROBABLY LOSE? On Saturday, after I come out of my frozen stage, I'll sit inside and do my Christmas shopping online while watching #AllTheFootball.

I'll be home in Amelia Island warming my sorry ass back up after a week in Central Pa. Damn I forgot how cold 22 degrees with a 15 knot wind can be. But the visit was worth it, just for the ice cream and the apple cider.

Andrew Kraszewski
For the games, I will be in Spartan Stadium with the sister and the mom. At some point this weekend I'd like to get up to Saginaw as well, but the schedule remains very much in flux as I write this which is no problem because I still have several hours to figure out how I'm spending one of the bigger holidays on the calendar.

Ray Ransom
I'm already drunk for the game this weekend. For me, for some reason, this game is very important. This is the chance to win the offseason. This is our chance to build some momentum for a great 2016, featuring the return of the great Darius Hamilton and a wonderful 2016 recruiting class, and embarrass our Deep South rivals while establishing a solid 3-game winning streak against our East Coast little brother. This is our chance to save the season. I will be drunk as a skunk at my mom's place, enjoying nicer wine than I usually do, while taking in the sights and sounds of a thoroughly dominant Rutgers beatdown of our Mason-Dixon friends.

Candystripes For Breakfast
At home, with chocolate milk, hoping to witness history for Indiana. It's not exciting, but there's a 20% chance I'll still be in a food coma from Thanksgiving, so I don't have a lot going on.

Either Naperville or Milwaukee, haven't decided when I'm driving back yet.

Chillin with the family, maybe drinking some Gluhwein. IF not that, then coke of some sort.

I will be flying from Minneapolis-St. Paul to Chicago at 7am and taking the Orange/Brown Lines up to a friend's for a tailgate in Ravenswood. Much Hamm's and mimosas will be consumed as toasts to "Fuck Illinois!" are offered to Bacchus.

Around 11 we'll depart and Uber down to the NUMBAlums tailgate near Soldier Field. We've got bags, we've got beer pong, and we've got a healthy amount of craft beer. It will be my goal to succeed at all of those things.

Following a game in which we reclaim HAT, a friend and I will be Ubering all the way up to Welsh-Ryan Arena to watch the 'Cats take Fien the New Orleans Fightin' DeGenereses! A day chock full of purple, booze, and, God willing, winning.

Creighton M
I'm working a half day to watch the Iowa-Nebraska game on Friday. Thanksgiving leftovers and Guinness probably mean I will be in bed early...which is good because on Saturday I'm going to be working on a bottle of Anastasia's Chocolate Fantasy Imperial Stout I've had stored in the pantry for a few months while I watch the games.

Brian Gillis
I'll be back in Ann Arbor this weekend - in the Big House watching the good guys battle the sure-to-be-angry Buckeyes.

I will be on a plane to Denmark for a week for work. The trip should be fun, and a glass of wine and an ambien should make it all the more pleasant. Sadly I have to change planes twice. On the plus side, I don't have to watch Tim Beck run JT Barrett into the mouth of the defense 50 times.