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Week 13: Big Ten Open Thread

The Game.

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Rivalry weekend is here and in full force! Who is going to take home the East today to face Iowa on championship weekend? MSU controls their destiny with a win securing their place in the Championship game as the East's representee.  Lose? Well, that opens it up to the winner of The Game since both are sitting at one conference loss and both have lost to MSU.  Pretty straight forward at this point now that Penn State did us all a favor and lost.  Here is today's lineup, brought to you by BTN (wish they did this weekly):


Normal rules apply: No illegal streams, no illicit photos/videos/vines/gifs, I'm not sure if this weekend stays civil but give it a shot, etc.  Oh, and don't wear khaki's in Ohio, because that's a thing this weekend.