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Rivalry Week Evening Thread

The B1G games are over, but there's still football to be played.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Games of note this evening:

Oklahoma at Oklahoma State) The Big 12's playoff spot is at stake here. If Oklahoma wins, they're the #OneTrueChampion of the conference, and likely lock themselves into the CFP. If OK State wins, the Big 12 is once again at the mercy of the committee without a conference championship game.

Notre Dame at Stanford) There's an outside shot the Cardinal can use this game to propel themselves into the Playoff hunt, but the bigger point is they can knock the Irish out entirely with a win. So, you know, go Stanford and all that.

Florida State at Florida) The Seminoles are mostly playing for bowl positioning at this point, but if they can knock the Gators down a peg (and the Gators proceed to do the same to Bama next week), things get really interesting vis a vis the CFP rankings.

Usual rules are in effect. Don't be a jackwagon.