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Five B1G teams ranked in first CFP

Cue "Iowa's underrated!" "Iowa has't played anyone!"

Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Rounding that up for B1G teams, we've got:

21. Northwestern

17. Michigan

9. Iowa

7. Michigan State

3. Ohio State

Initial thoughts:

  • The winner of Ohio State-Michigan State will wind up in the playoff, assuming they don't dick-trip somewhere else. If it's Ohio State, they'll move up to #2. If it's Michigan State, they'll be lucky to get to #4, especially since they've got to pass 'Bama now, evidently.
  • Speaking of, two SEC teams in the Top 4? Oh good.
  • Notre Dame at #5 is an absolute joke.
  • Suck on that, Art Briles. Better learn to play someone in a damn hurry. Strength of schedule is going to matter in a huge way, and the committee made that statement today.
  • The "strength of schedule" narrative is going to haunt Iowa, true or not. Iowa, in the eyes of David Pollack at least, could go 12-0 and still potentially be on the outside looking in. Welp.
  • WhiteSpeedReceiver, your thoughts on Iowa's ranking at #9?
  • WhiteSpeedReceiver, your thoughts on wisconsin's exclusion?

Records against CFP Top 25 teams:

Ohio State: 0-0
Michigan State: 1-0
Iowa: 1-0
Michigan: 1-2
Northwestern: 1-2

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