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Big Ten Stock Market Report: Week 10

Hawkeyes rising, Buckeyes falling?

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Stock Up

Iowa Hawkeyes - Iowa's run game looked like it was unstoppable in the first half before a) (THIS IS FOR IOWA FANS) Iowa let off the gas or b) (THIS IS FOR EVERYONE ELSE) Maryland made decent adjustments on defense.  At the end of the day, Maryland didn't have much on offense to challenge Iowa's defense and they won comfortably.  So much so that they made Maryland give up at the end.  More on that below.  Next up: Indiana.

Penn State Nittany Lions - Well, that was an impressive showing and what you should do to teams that are down like Illinois.  Christian Hackenberg put up a decent 21-29 showing and Saquon Barkley found the endzone again.  Next up: Northwestern.

Purdue Boilermakers - Enjoy it all Purdue, enjoy it all.  Purdue won its first home conference game in over three years against Nebraska in a game where defense was very much optional most of the game.  Well, sort of.  Purdue's secondary was on and off all day with 4 interceptions but also giving up 4 touchdowns through the air.  They can thank Ryker Fyfe for that.  Next up: Illinois.

Wisconsin Badgers - You guys look awfully different from the first half of the season with Corey Clement back.  You get a Maryland team next who just gave up in the last five minutes of the previous game, enjoy.

Stock Holding

Michigan Wolverines - Yes, I want to put you in stock up for winning but that was a damn close game that by all accounts should of went to OT at the least.  The defense was a bit rusty off the bye and will need to get back to its form prior to the bye if you want a chance against OSU at the end of the season.  Next up: Rutgers.

Minnesota Golden Gophers - That's rough.  Really rough way to go out in that game, especially after Jerry Kill announced his retirement.  That was a ballsy call at the end of the game to win or go home rather than take it to OT, so I can't knock you and put you in stock down for it.  You took one of the better teams in the Big Ten this year down to the last second.  Next up: Ohio State.

Holding due to bye: Indiana, Michigan State, Northwestern

Stock Down

Ohio State Buckeyes - Congratulations! You are the first team this year in the Big Ten to lose to bye, and it was over by halftime! Enjoy the week without J.T. Barrett as he watches from wherever they allow him to be for his suspension and the QB controversy rumor mill gets full churn again after you dismantle Minnesota with Cardale Jones.  Next up: Minnesota

Maryland Terrapins - That was an ugly first half, Maryland.  Iowa looked like they were going to curb stomp you with the run game alone when they went into the half up 21-0.  That was some pretty solid half time adjustments that were made, but timely turnovers once again killed you with a pick six in the end zone, even with Likely taking the ensuing kickoff to the house.  What was worse though? You had the ball with five minutes to go, down two scores, and elected to punt.  Then you effectively ran the clock down on the next possession and punted.  Way to give up on the game.  Next up: Wisconsin.

Illinois Fighting Illini - I don't even know what to say here.  You made Hackenberg look good and to top it off you gave up a receiving TD to the slowest player in the league (Hackenberg) and he ran a zone read on you all where he gained positive yards! Get it together.  Next up: Purdue.

Rutgers Scarlet Knights - No Caroo, no chance.  Simple as that.  Next up: Michigan.