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Lies and Damned Lies

Let it be said I actually listen to valid criticism.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

A few people have brought up that some valid criticisms about the rating system calculates SoS, and in someways double counts it.  It's something that bothered me about the system as well, and I've been working on re-configuring it to mitigate that for a couple weeks.  The rating now no longer double counts SoS at all, but still maintains the bulk of the underlying calculations.

Here are the numbers:

B1G Thoughts:

  • There's now some separation between the Ohio State Buckeyes, Michigan State Spartans, and Iowa Hawkeyes, but they're all still substantially ahead of everyone else.
  • Ohio State's SoS is keeping them behind LSU, but they've been overall a more impressive team than the likes of Bama.
  • Michigan State is virtually tied with Bama, not a lot of disrespect there.
  • Iowa and Memphis have incredibly similar profiles.
  • Michigan drops now, and is alone in the 4th spot.
  • jNW and PSU are bordering on top 25 status here.  jNW is buoyed by their SoS, whereas PSU is more about beating on worse competition.
  • There's still a pretty decent gap to WI, as their SoS is still laughable bad, even with Bama and Iowa.
  • And a HUGE gap now until we get to the bottom half of the league.
  • IL and IN are right about average, but both are dropping each week now.
  • MN is kinda holding steady, but that's not very good.  If Leidner can play as well as he did against MI going forward, though, they might have a chance at a bowl.  But I HIGHLY doubt Leidner is capable of that.
  • UNL's SoS is actually helping them out here.  LOL!
  • Remind me again why we can't kick out Rutgers and Maryland.
  • I want to take a minute here to talk about Purdue.  Last night Pat Forde reported that Hazell will be retained for next year. This isn't terribly surprising considering all the other openings.  But then I saw that his buyout would by $6 million dollars.  This means that his very initial contract was for 6 years, and greater than $12 million, with no buyout clause.  Holy fucking hell, Purdue!  All things considered that's a much worse contract than the Ferentz's famously bloated contract, or even Crean's.  But then, what else is Purdue supposed to do?  No one coach in their right mind would want to go there.  They can't possibly attract any of the top coaching talent in any given year, and anyone they could attract they'd have to way overpay to even leave the MAC, thus crippling them even further.  I guess, what I'm saying is, just give up.

Other Thoughts:

  • Clemson still pretty far out in front.
  • Bama and ND have been pretty damn impressive, despite the one loss apiece.
  • Memphis has been every bit as impressive as Baylor and TCU so far.
  • Ole Miss and Miss St. are right there in the top 15, and TAMU in the top 25.  SEC BIAS, PAWWWWWWWLLLLL!!!!
  • Navy is pretty damn good (sorry, GF3).
  • ROW THE BOAT! is a better win than Oregon.  TROLLOLOLOLOLOL!
  • Kansas is some kind of super terrible for a P5 team.
  • Holy hell, UCF has went from BCS bowl winner to dead fucking last in 2 years.