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Where We Be, What We Be Drinking: Week 10

Wherefore art thou? Whatfore art thou drinking?

The fall back time change is always a mixed blessing. Sure, you get that extra Saturday night hour (on Halloween even sometimes), and that feels pretty good, yeah it feels pretty alright. But then the sun goes down before you leave work, and it starts to get a little depressing. Winter is coming as some people say.

But disregard all of that, let's turn November into Yesvember by watching football in various places and drinking various liquids.

DJ Carver
I'll be at the MD/Wisconsin game, drinking in the parking lot to make watching the game easier. Then I'm back home for the neighborhood poker night where I'll continue to consume copious amounts of booze while hopefully bringing home some cash.

I'll be in Madison. I know. Blame the girlfriend; I do. As compromise for me coming for a birthday party for her and a friend on Friday night ahead of coming out there again next Thursday for her actual birthday, I get to find a good bar in Madison to sit at and watch Northwestern-Penn State. Beer will be something local; hopefully Karben4 or Ale Asylum. After that, it's off to New Glarus to tour a brewery best known for their 7th-8th best beer.

I'll be in a farm in Danforth IL. Don't worry, the house has internet and DirecTV©®TM. Drinking lite beers.

I'll be at Ohio Stadium with my folks, drinking literally whatever I can get my hands on and watching Cardale Jones try not to screw the pooch.

Aaron Yorke
I'll be in Chicago for the Penn State vs. Northwestern game. Do they have beer in Chicago? It will take an entire island of your goose lager to quench my thirst.

I'll be in Evanston for the game, and I'll be brining some quality Chicago beer so Aaron can try something else other than the yuenglings/iron city/whatever he drinks.

I'll be at home in a chair watching football games on television. I will probably drink some warm apple cider with palinka in it.

I'll be out at a patio bar, post surf, soaking up the warm Florida fall. I'll be drinking a local beer on draft and hopefully watching my Lions kick the crap out of the Wildcats. Regardless, the weather right now makes just about anything pleasant.

Andrew Kraszewski
Current plan is to catch the game at Cobo Joe's in Detroit, munch on some BBQ, should be a grand ole time.

It's the last away game before Thanksgiving which means it's time for Friends' Thanksgiving. Our tailgating group and families get together and watch football, drink, and have a Thanksgiving feast all day. I'll be drinking various Toppling Goliath, probably a New Glarus Serendipity, and maybe one my big stouts I've been cellaring, probably a KBS.

Ray Ransom
This weekend is all about bunkering down at the homestead and getting numb enough to get ready for whatever new wrinkle the painfest of 2015 brings us. I'm guessing that Laviano and Rettig will both suffer season ending injuries while somehow throwing 14 interceptions, including a pick-7. Accordingly, I think its time to ride "Ain't Your Daddy's Root Beer" to the promised land (aka playing Army/Nebraska/Maryland and hopefully salvaging the season).

Andrew Kraszewski
Current plan is to catch the game at Cobo Joe's in Detroit, munch on some BBQ, should be a grand ole time.

Candystripes For Breakfast
At home, watching the Hoosiers, drinking a Vanilla Coke, and rejoicing in IU-Iowa not being a noon kickoff. AKA, the usual.

Brian Gillis
I'll be avoiding airports this weekend and staying in San Francisco, where much like last weekend, I'll enjoying the games from the comfort of my couch.

I'll be in scenic Eagan on my couch watching futbol, football, and drinking Jameson.

Jesse Collins
I'll be in Omaha, probably at home on my couch, probably super sad, and probably praying for a miracle. I will probably end the night really disappointed.

Thomas Speth
I'll be in the metropolitan hub of Oshkosh being lazy and sitting on my couch drinking copious amounts of PBR

Creighton M
No fancy food this week. I'll be at home lying to myself about doing homework and trying to drink [# of cans Speth drinks +1] PBRs. No good will come of it, but whatever it's the weekend.

Speth: You've fallen victim to one of the classic blunders, the most famous of which, is "never get involved in a land war in Asia", but only slightly less well known is "never try to outdrink a Wisconsinite"

Creighton: I have a scar on my side from some Marquette chick who was celebrating destroying me in drunk Mario Kart and took it too far. She wasn't even hungover the next day. You people are nuts.

Speth: Our only known weakness is wine. If you ever want to outdrink a Wisconsinite wine is your best option.

Creighton: I can't do wine unless I'm trying to impress a girl's parents.

MNW: Or you've engaged in one of the stupidest debates "Never try to talk drinking with a Wisconsinite with an inflated opinion of his state."

Speth: was waiting for someone to comment that lol

What do you guys think? Is there merit to the Wisconsin drinking stereotype? Or is it yet another example of reverse racist generalizing gone too far?

And where will you be on Saturday, and what will you be drinking?

Have you seen Thumpasaurus lately? Please refrain from selling Drano to any Illinois fans until he is located.