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OTE Week 10 Picks

Now featuring more Hoosier Harbor!

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Week 10 picks are live, featuring a full state of Big Ten action! As usual, all games Saturday, all times CST.


Penn State at #21 Northwestern (-2.5) || ESPNU

SU: TIE, 9-9

ATS: Penn State, 11-7


87townie: no way is Northwestern beating Penn State. Two good defenses, but only one good offense. PSU wins by 10.

MNWildcat: FACT. Pat Fitzgerald is 2-0 against the Cowardly FrankLoin. I will brook no argument to the contrary. He improves it to 3-0. YOLOHack has been a cute little thing, and I'm sure the stout defenses in Chambana and College Park/Baltimore provided him really tough resistance so he's totally back and stuff. Can we find a way to get sarcasm font in our articles? Northwestern's offense does just enough to secure a close win at home. Let's call it Northwestern, 20-17.*

Aaron Yorke: Will Clayton Thorson be able to run on the Lions the way Perry Hills did? That's the big question that could determine this one. One good game against Illinois doesn't make a good QB, but last week was a step in the right direction for Hackenberg and company. Hopefully this week will be another one. PSU 20, NU 13

alnamiasIV: Northwestern proves they can play offense. PSU proves they can't. Battle of Ds and field position. NU: 13, PSU: 10

Candystripes for Breakfast: The Purple Cats seem to be back on track, which is bad news for the Blue Cats. Northwestern wins and covers.

Thomas Speth: I don't care about this game at all.  Northwestern wins and covers

Andrew K: Penn State to win and cover. Feels like things are maybe coming together for the Nits.

GoForThree: If there's one area where PSU has consistently shown weakness, it's against a mobile QB. Army's backup QB A.J. Schurr, OSU's JT Barrett, and Maryland's Perry Hills each had solid performances against the PSU defense. The latter two went for more than 100 yards each. I bring that up because it seems to me that Clayton Thorson's legs are the Cats' best hope to beat PSU. Thorson isn't a particularly good thrower against talented defenses, and PSU is really coming together on that side of the ball. I'll call PSU in the upset, because I think Thorson isn't enough to carry this NU team.

WhiteSpeedReceiver: Things really haven't gone well for Northwestern since we softened them up for everybody. That continues here.

Jesse Collins: I'm guessing Penn State wins this game, but who knows? I have been told this is the George RR Martin Game, so it could turn into mass death and carnage out of nowhere. So, still Penn State, but on some crazy last second forty lateral type play that absolutely guts the home team. Something something something Saquon is coming something something something.
Thump: I'm picking PSU to cover because I don't know what's gonna happen and I'm picking in the middle. I still don't believe in Penn State, Illinois just has the conference's worst offense.

Creighton M: I really want to believe in Northwestern in this one, but they're catching a Penn State team who is currently on the upswing...not to mention that their  2 point win over Nebraska is suddenly as unimpressive as possible since Purdue took them behind the woodshed. Both teams are battling for a better bowl at this point, and Penn State has more to prove. Give me the Lions.

Illinois at Purdue (PICK) || BTN

SU: Purdue, 10-8


87: Boiler Up baby

MNW: I really want Illinois to fire Bill Cubit after this one, just so his replacement can have the "Interim Interim Head Coach" title.*Purdue, 31-28.*

AY: My first reaction was to pick Purdue because they looked way better than Illinois on Saturday, but the Illini have been a little stronger overall. Illinois 34, Purdue 31

al: PU is real (well, they're really not the bottom of the  barrel anymore). Illinois has cashed it in. PU: 28, Ill: 20

C4B: One of these teams showed some life last weekend, and it's not the one I would have preferred. Boilers win.

TS:  Purdue's impossible march towards bowl eligibility continues with a win here. Illinois joins Nebraska as schools that lost to a team from a school that doesn't exist. I'd say that this continues their slide into irrelevance like Nebraska, but Illinois is already irrelevant. Nice try, good effort Illinois, but I don't think you can stop an all of the sudden potent Purdue offense.

GF3: I like Purdue in this one. There's zero logic behind that, other than Illinois is also terrible.

WSR: The International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands has decreed that this game cannot be shown to prisoners.  You can't make me pick who will win or watch it.  But Purdue.

JC: This will manage to be the ugliest football game of the week and make Nebraska look bad no matter what the outcome is, so that's fun. Purdue should win this game, but I have a sneaky suspicion they won't.

Thump: Who's got two backs and can't run the ball? Illinois, that's who. Purdue is going to run off tackle. We can't be expected to prepare for such an exotic look that we hardly ever see. Purdue wins, possibly big. They have the superior punter.

CM: I've sold all my Illinois stock since it peaked after the Nebraska game, but's Purdue, guys. Purdue. Give me Illinois


#9 Iowa (-7) at Indiana || ESPN

SU: Iowa, 14-4

ATS: Iowa, 12-6


87: This is the trap game that nobody sees coming. Indiana roughs up Iowa and wins at home.

MNW: Oh fuck and Iowa gives up points, Indiana throws for lots of yards, Iowa still runs all over Indiana because Indiana defense. Hawkeye fans become even more insufferable, because hey, it's been 6 years since they were last 9-0. And we all remember how that ended, right? *Iowa, 38-24.*

AY: Yikes. This could be the stiffest test Iowa faces the rest of the way. I say they handle it with aplomb. Aplomb! Iowa 35, Indiana 21

al: I've been dreading this game since the season began and I predicted Iowa to go 6-6. Also, I predicted Iowa to lose to UW and NU, so maybe my negative prediction is luck. Plus, I worry that Beathard's health will catch up with Iowa. Will "New Ferentz" be willing to go toe-to-toe with Indiana in a shootout? I'm going to go with Indiana: 30, Iowa: 28. Hopefully my run of predicting Iowa to lose continues to help them to win.

C4B: You know what? Indiana football hasn't had a big home win for at least as long as I've been paying attention to it, so it's time we finally got one, dammit. Bloomington becomes Upset City.

TS: Face it Hawkeye fans, you know it's coming. You wouldn't feel the need to play the #disrespekt card so hard 9 games into a season you've already exceeded expectations in if you don't. It's all going to come crashing down. You played with fire for 3 quarters against a terrible Maryland team. Indiana isn't going to start a wrestler at QB. You're going to lose on Saturday to set up a fantastic dicktrip against Nebraska the size of Ferentz's buyout to lose the division.

AK: Iowa to win and cover. I see a lot of upset picks here and not understand.

GF3: The Iowa chorus has reached a crescendo, and Indiana looks to be the only significant challenge before a CCG hammering by the East champ. I like Iowa in this, though. Indiana scores points fast, but they need good games out of Devine Redding and Jordan Howard to give Sudfeld time to make his part of the offense work. Iowa is stingy against the run naturally, and if Indiana really gets behind the scoreboard they're going to revert to throwing almost exclusively. That doesn't bode well when the Hawks' defense can pin their ears back. Iowa wins and covers.

WSR: Iowa is far too good of a football team to lose a game.

JC: Iowa is winning this game. Iowa is great. There is literally no way Iowa doesn't win this game, cover the spread, move towards the national championship game, make people look dumb, and chant GO IOWA AWESOME into eternity. #gohawks

CM: Ferentz will do his best to control the clock and keep scoring down. Maybe the Hoosiers keep it close, but they have yet to show that they are a good team beyond the 3rd quarter. If Iowa isn't already beating the spread by then, don't worry they will. GO HAWKS!

Wisconsin (-12.5) at Maryland || BTN

SU: Wisconsin, 18-0

ATS: Wisconsin, 17-1


87: I almost took this as an upset too. I think Wiscy will pull it out, but they won't cover.

MNW: Meet your next Eastern Division cupcake, Wisconsin. Same as the last Eastern Division cupcake. Fuck you, Delanybot. *Wisconsin, 41-10.*

al: UW is a different team with Clement. Maryland sucks. UW wins and covers.

C4B: The Badgers seem to be trying to make up for lost time (and blowouts). Into the shell you go, Terps. Sconnie rolls again.

TS: Corey Clement is back. Corey Clement is an actual running back, not some converted cornerback or walk on linebacker taking handoffs. To quote Mr. T... "My prediction? Pain." Wisconsin by at least 30. I will say this though Maryland, at least you're a fairly attractive job opening. Which is a good thing since half the conference is going to be looking for coaches. It's almost basketball season Terps, in the meantime take your beating like you're supposed to.

GF3: Ha. Wisco all day, and if Clement is healthy all game they cover.

WSR: This game feels like one that wisconsin uses to give itself and it's fans false hope that they're on the right track.  It'll be a blowout for bucky.

JC: Man, I'm going away teams like a boss today. Wisconsin. Wisconsin wins. Mainly because they stop and think, "Hey, maybe we shouldn't let Will Likely touch the ball."

Thump: Wisconsin turns the ball over at least thrice in a blowout win.

CM: I think the spread in this game seriously misrepresents what Wisconsin is capable of. Maryland threw in the towel last week, while the Badgers have the gas pedal to the floor just waiting for Iowa to slip up. Wisconsin by at least a couple of TDs.

Rutgers at #17 Michigan (-22.5) || BTN

SU: Michigan, 18-0

ATS: TIE, 9-9


87: With Carroo out, I can't even. Michigan wins and covers.

MNW: Rutgers keeps it a little closer against Michigan than they did Wisconsin. *Wolverines, 31-3.*

AY: The Wolverines were outgained by over 150 yards last week in Gopherville. Maybe we can make it three straight weeks in which Michigan should have lost. UM 24, RU 23

al: I give RU credit. Unlike so many other lousy B1G teams, they haven't quit. They're not beating UM, esp in Ann Arbor, but they'll hang for a half and cover.

C4B: The Fighting Harbaughs barely escaped Minnesota last week. I think they'll have to do it again this week. UM wins, Knights cover.

TS: I'm seeing a lot of picks for Buttgers to cover and I'm confused. Wisconsin just beat Buttgers by 38 with a QB who handed them 7 points and a star RB getting eased back from a hernia surgery. Is Wisconsin really that much better than Michigan? No. Michigan took Minnesota's best punch while on the road and still won. Unless Buttgers plans on just sending a punt block and miraculously getting a bad snap on every play (why are you punting on first down Michigan?), this game is going to be an ass kicking. Michigan wins and covers.

GF3: That's a steep line for an offense that only averages twenty-something per game. It's like Vegas thinks they going to shut Rutgers out of the....ohhhh. Michigan wins, Rutgers covers.

WSR: Michigan wins, covers, and gets unnecessary help from the refs.

JC: Rutgers is probably not winning this game, but doesn't this feel like one of those opportunities for Michigan to pull a, "not-quite-there" moment? No? Okay. Just checking. Unfortunately for the Scarlet Knights, Michigan has a strength in defending against Laviano and Caroo.

Thump: Carroo vs Peppers would have been fun to watch. Michigan is tired of being fun to watch.


#7 Michigan State (-4.5) at Nebraska || ESPN

SU: Michigan State, 16-1-1

ATS: Michigan State, 16-1-1


87: MSU in a rout. The woes continue in Corn Nation.

MNW: Only -4.5, huh? I don't Fine, I'll take Sparty to cover that laughably small spread. *Michigan State, 34-24.*

AY: It's not every day you see an undefeated team favored by this few points versus a  3-6 team, but Nebraska has yet to be blown out by anybody. Meanwhile, Sparty has played inferior opponents closely for the past month. Smells like an upset. Nebraska 31, MSU 28

al: Will Nebraska pick itself up off the floor? Will it matter? No to both. MSU: 30, Nebby: 14

C4B: Hard times have come to Lincoln. Sparty rolls.

TS: Nebraska is gonna have to bounce back from losing to Purdue in a game that wasn't as close as the final score. I never in my life thought I would ever type that sentence. THINK ABOUT THOSE WORDS NEBRASKA FANS. Oh, and they totally aren't going to as Pelini's guys completely quit on the nice guy you hired instead. Connor Cook tosses it all over the yard on your "Congrats to the fan sitting in Section L, row 12, seat 8. You're our new free safety!" mess of a secondary. Side note- HOW IS THE SPREAD ON THIS 4.5? (runs to bank to go bet entire bank account on MSU to cover)

GF3: Pardon me while I go bet on Michigan State to win and destroy that line.

WSR: 4.5? Really?  That just screams that Vegas wants to give away money here.  There's no reason to think Nebraska wins another game this year, unless they play Rutgers or something.

JC: Um... I hate football.

Thump: Michigan State covers one of the most hilarious lines I've ever seen.

CM: Listen: I know MSU hasn't exactly been blowing people away, but have you seen even a single quarter of Nebraska this year? If Sparty loses this game I will eat my hat*, good sir.
*Creighton's hat is made of cake.


Minnesota at #1 Ohio State (-23) || ABC

SU: Ohio State, 18-0

ATS: Ohio State, 10-8


87: OSU will win, but no way are they covering that spread.

MNW: I dunno...give Tracy Claeys a week to scheme for one specific OSU QB, and maybe, just maybe the Gophers can make this interesting again. If YOLOMitch is really a thing, too, that'd be awful fun. Minnesota makes it a game, but *Buckeyes prevail, 28-17.*

AY: Ohio State quarterback suspended plus Minnesota offense coming to life last week equals this spread is too high. OSU 30, Minnesota 20

al: No Barrett means OSU will only win by 24. OSU wins and covers.

C4B: Minnesota gave everything they had against Michigan last week. I just don't think they're gonna be able to get up for this game, Barrett or no Barrett. Buckeyes roll.

TS: Minnesota, I won't kick you while you're down. We all know you aren't winning this game (or getting the Axe back this year). OSU wins and covers. Cardale Jones manages to look terrible yet again in a game that isn't really ever close.

GF3: Since I'll be there, it'll be a nail-biting disaster. Cardale hucks two ugly picks. Tracy Claeys opens up the offense more than Jerry would've, and Leidner vacillates between amazing plays and utter disaster. This stays closer than it should til the end. OSU wins, Minnesota covers.

WSR: tOSU wins and covers, but Minnesota escapes with their health.  That's far more important right now.

JC: See, here's the deal Ohio State is #1, and is a 23 point favorite over a Minnesota team that had one breakdown, but almost beat a ranked opponent last week. Michigan State is a 4.5 point favorite over a team that almost got blown out by Purdue. I don't get Vegas, and this is why I don't bet on things. I always lose. Ohio State and the spread.

Thump: Minnesota may not have much left after last week. You can only sustain that level of intensity for so long. OSU by many many points.

CM: Ok Minny isn't winning this one, but 23 points is a bit much. JTB is suspended, and the Gophers are starting to get a little bit of their mojo back. They'll play out of their minds for the rest of the season because anything less than that and they aren't going to a bowl, but it won't be enough here. tOSU wins, but only by a TD. Now that I've said that, Cardale Jones will probably explode for 70 or 80 points and 400+ yds passing just because he'll find the ensuing quarterback controversy amusing. SCREW YOU, BUCKEYES, YOU HAVE TOO MUCH TALENT AND IT ISN'T FAIR. GO GOPHERS!


Exist, I'm sure, but InsertName was really drunk last night and so was I and that's the way life goes sometimes!


As always, thanks for reading and picking. Let us know your picks in the comments!