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Five Big Ten teams in the Top 15 of the latest CFP Rankings

Things stay the same for the top of the conference, but Northwestern jumps Michigan and is knocking on the door of the NY6 bowls.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

Things stay relatively similar for the Big Ten after Week 14. Nonetheless, I'm sure you'll all find something to argue about.

The Rankings

15. Michigan

14. Northwestern

6. Ohio State

5. Michigan State

4. Iowa


  • Wisconsin wasn't forgiven for losing to Northwestern. Good. I would still take the Badgers--grudgingly--over Navy, but no complaints there.
  • Northwestern jumping Michigan will likely be a controversial thing, given Michigan's 38-0 rout of the 'Cats back in early October. I assume this means the committee is weighting recent performances more heavily. Selfishly, I can't complain about that.
  • Looks like Michigan's fall of only 5 places says the committee values Ohio State's strength more than Michigan's loss.
  • Notre Dame should have fallen farther for losing to Stanford. Then again, neither Baylor nor TCU should be that high for their abortion of a football game, so maybe I'm just bitter.
  • With Ohio State moving up to #6 and Florida down at #18, I can see the Buckeyes making the playoff IF: (1) Michigan State wins, and (2) 'Bama falls to Florida. Ready to watch the South burn (again) if that happens. And, to be honest, I could see it happening. Florida will be a huge underdog to Zombie 'Bama, but never count them out.
  • Thanks for playing, PAC-12.
  • The Big Ten should probably be thankful about the #4 slot...they're not passing OU, and I'd rather play Clemson than 'Bama.
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