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He's Baaaaack!

OSU hires Greg Schiano as Defensive Coordinator

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

In what feels like a nose-thumbing at the coach-poachers in Piscataway, Urban Meyer added Rutgers' beloved Greg Schiano to the OSU staff. The architect of the Rutgers rebuild and former Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach will replace the vacancy left by Chris Ash's departure.

Schiano is best known for turning a moribund Rutgers program into a consistently decent squad. He led the Scarlet Knights to their first top-25 ranking in 30 years in 2006, as well as their first 10-win season over the same span. That same season saw him clinch the first bowl win in Rutgers history. He would go on to win four more.

He made a name for himself not only by turning Rutgers around, but by doing so at the expense of more powerful and talented programs. His tenure in New Brunswick was marked by numerous high-profile upsets. His teams' ability to down the established powers in their league led to much interest in his coaching abilities. At one point, he supposedly interviewed for the vacant Michigan job in 2007 before withdrawing from consideration.

Schiano is undoubtedly an excellent college coach who should construct a quality defense from OSU's talent poo. Just as important, he's a talented recruiter who will likely give Chris Ash fits when it comes to New Jersey talent (though if Flood's record is any indication, the top talent in New Jersey wasn't terribly interested Rutgers to begin with). At any rate, OSU has had some good returns from NJ players and Schiano will likely help cement that pipeline.