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Basketpoll isn't impressed with Maryland.


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All, let's take a moment of silence for the end of the Fuck Bo era.





Well, bye

The conference is going to be so much better now that he's gone.

Let's get to the rankings.




  • MSU (7th) and Purdue (9th) have really separated themselves so far.  They've done is completely different ways, though.  MSU has played a bit tougher schedule and has dominated it pretty handily.  Purdue's schedule is soft, soft, soft.  But man, they've just blown out just about everyone.
  • Iowa comes in third right now, and I've got them lower than both KenPom (13th) and Sagarin (19th).  Their strength of schedule is really helping them out (I have them as the 37th highest SoS).  The three losses are by a total of 12 points, all to good teams on the road, or neutral courts.  Iowa also has one of the hardest conference schedules this year playing MSU, Purdue twice, and Maryland once, on the road.  Pretty much the opposite of the football schedule.
  • Uh oh.  Maryland way down at 37?  Here comes #FSUTwitter Maryland fans.  Listen Maryland, you may be super talented, but your team just hasn't been as impressive as you'd like to think.  Maryland and jNW have basically the same resume.  Think about that.

Team A*:  9-1, 793 points for, 643 points against, opponents record in other games: 37-44, best win

against the #52 rated team

Team B**:  9-1, 784 points for, 632 points against, opponents record in other games, 36-43, best win against the #55 rated team.

And they both have a loss to the same team, Team A lost by 9 points, team B lost by 11.  See, they've been about the same.

  • Speaking of Northwestern, look at you!  Collins is doing things.  Not sure it'll be enough to make the tourney this year, but they're sure as shit going to scare a bunch of teams this year.
  • Stop me if you've hear this before, Indiana has an awesome offense and a horribad defense.
  • The rest of the conference is kinda bad.
  • Michigan can be tough to watch.  They are completely reliant on perimeter shooting, but they're merely ok at it.
  • Wisconsin is not good.  Fuck Bo is gone.  This is pretty awesome.
  • I don't want to talk about Penn St. UNL, IL, MN, or OSU.  They've all been bad.
  • Rutgers is the worst team in a power conference.  They are worse than every team in the A10.  They are only better than one team in the AAC (South Florida).  They have no business being in the B1G.  Even in what is obviously a down year for the conference it will take a minor miracle to win even a single conference game.


  • Xavier is the new #1
  • Bye, bye UNC Willmington.  Arkansas Little Rock is your new out of no where team.   They'll probably take a tumble soon, but they aren't that horrible, either.  KenPom has them 80, and Sagarin has them 65, and those systems still still have preseason ratings still in, and those are probably suppressing ALRU's ratings.
  • St. Mary's has a similar story, probably not as good as what I have them, but they're probably better than you think.
  • I think, overall, the system is starting to settle in pretty nicely.   You got some thoughts?  Hit up the comments.