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Power Poll of the Year!

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It's time to go meta

Every week this season Jesse Collins cajoles your humble writing staff to vote in the OTE power poll sometime before Tuesday evening. Then, he comes up with a witty theme that corresponds to the rankings. Also, Insertname makes week to week graphs. However, this year Jesse's gladly shared the duties with fellow writers and guests. It's time to look back, and reminisce, and vote for the first annual OTE Power Poll of the Year!

To the polls!

Preseason: The Jock Jams Edition

Jesse Collins brings back the memories from your favorite music from the 1990s. Basketball warmup music from junior high and high school.

Week 1: Mario Brothers Edition

Jesse Collins compares our football teams to characters from Super Mario Brothers. An indispensable part of our childhoods.

Week 2: Nail Polish Edition

BigRedTwice has an awesome idea and compares our football teams to different kinds of nail polish.

Week 3: The Ryan Adams Covers Taylor Swift's 1989 Edition

Jesse Collins compares our football teams to Ryan Adams's cover songs of Taylor Swift's 1989 album. Our favorite singing giraffe won't put her music on Spotify, so Ryan Adams will have to cover it, which allowed Jesse to embed the music!

Week 4: Sports Rants Edition

Thumpasauraus compares our football teams to the all time best sports rants. #CROWNTHEIRASS

Week 5: The Canadian Entertainment Imports Edition

Big Red Twice compares our football teams to Canadian entertainers. Poor #14 Rutgers got stuck with NICKELBACK AHAHAHA!

Week 6: Bad Movies Edition

Thumpasaurus and myself compare our football teams to the worst movies of all time. I learned about a few more bad movies just by collaborating on this article.

Week 7: Guinness World Records Edition

Jesse's back comparing our football teams to assorted Guinness book of World Records. I had no idea there were idiots who set a record for opening beer bottles with chainsaws.

Week 8: Ridiculous Halloween Costume Edition

Jesse compares our football teams to outlandish Halloween costumes. Purdue as a Mr/Mrs Hasbro Potato Head costume? I'dve just used a broken humpty dumpty costume.

Week 9: The Dinosaur Edition

ZuzuRU brings the power poll smack talk AND soft paleontological education by using obscure dinosaurs compared to our football teams.

Week 10: Mariah Carey Edition

Graham "Babydoll" Filler compares our teams to his favorite Mariah Carey songs!

Week 11: Scott Pilgrim vs The World Edition

I really need to watch this movie.

Week 12: Thanksgiving Food Edition

Jesse compares our football teams to the food that causes us to zonk out on the couch after eating too much of it.

Week 13: Vices are the spices of life.

Jesse compares our football teams to booze, internet trolling and worse.

Week 14: Bowls -- Weezer Blue Album songs

Jesse compares our football teams to one of my favorite junior high CDs. Weezer's fantastic.

Time to vote! Tell us, what's the power poll of the year?