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Pinstripe, Foster Farms, and Boxing Day Open Thread!

The Hoosiers travel east to take on the Blue Devils, the Huskers go west to face off with the Bruins, and everyone else drinks and sits in their pajamas.

Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Hello! Did you all get what you wanted for Christmas? I hope so!* Now that you're picking over the remnants of yesterday's Christmas ham, prime rib, or pickled herring (mmm), settle onto the couch for a day chock-full of sportsball, starting...well, already!

*Does not apply to Mike Jones

Of B1G Interest

Pinstripe Bowl: Indiana (-3) vs. Duke || 2:30pm CT, ABC

Preview here.

As you've no doubt heard, it's football played by basketball teams on a baseball field. And that, my friends, is appointment goddamn television. Let the kids play with their new toys in the living room; retreat to your mancave and watch the hell out of this one. Read Candystripes' preview for your breakdown and thoughts!

Prediction: Indiana, 38-30

Foster Farms Bowl: Nebraska (+5.5) vs. UCLA || 8:30pm, ESPN

Preview here.

Can 5-7 Nebraska do it? Can they earn their 8th loss in a bowl gathering a little reputation for taking on 7-loss teams? I don't Jesse's preview and you tell me! Regardless, 8:15 in God's Time is perfect for those last couple beers at the end of a long day. Getting to watch Nebraska get hamblasted? Doubly worth it.

Prediction: UCLA, 34-21.

Of Bowl Interest

St. Petersburg Bowl: UConn vs. Marshall (-3) || 10am, ESPN

Hurry! Change the channel! You're late! It's UConn-Marshall, and no one cares, but the kids are quiet and God bless you, you deserve this one.

Prediction: Marshall, 30-20.

Hyundai Sun Bowl: Miami-FL vs. Washington State (-2.5) || 1pm, CBS

Dread Pirate Leach goes to El Paso. Odds he is in cahoots with at least two cartels in the Juarez area? I'd give it about 2-to-1.

Prediction: Wazzu, 41-31.

Zaxby's Heart of Dallas Bowl: Washington (-8) vs. Southern Mississippi || 1:20pm, ESPN

That's right, 6-6 Washington is favored by more than a touchdown over the 9-4 Golden Eagles. Oh, and Raising Cane's is better than Zaxby's. #hottaek

Prediction: Washington, 27-13.

Camping World Independence Bowl: Tulsa vs. Virginia Tech (-14) || 4:45pm, ESPN

MINUS-14. THAT IS THE LINE IN A BOWL GAME. Christ. Don't watch this. Just assume Frank Beamer won and rode off into the sunset in a new RV from Camping World (I assume that's what they sell there).

Prediction: Beamerball, 35-17.

Of Squeakyfouls Interest

#16 Louisville at #12 Kentucky (-3) || 11am, CBS

The state of Kentucky will burn on Boxing Day as Kentucky looks to put a loss to Ohio State far, far in the rearview by defending its home floor against the Cardinals.

Prediction: I do not watch.

Of Kicks-and-Falls Interest





AVL 1-1 WHU goddamnit I don't want to talk about it.






Newcastle vs Everton || 11:30am, NBCSN

Prediction: Everton, 2-0

Southampton vs. Arsenal || 1:45pm, NBCSN

Can Arsenal tie Leicester atop the table with an away win against the Saints? Seems like Arsene Wenger has the Gunners coming into form at a nice time, especially if the Foxes can't keep their miraculous run up, having now dropped their first match in 11.

Prediction: Arsenal, 1-0

Proceed making fun of me for including soccer on the open thread.


In the meantime, happy thread! Usual rules apply: No porn, no illegal streams, don't be a jackwagon. Let's all just sit back and laugh at Nebraska.