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Bowlapalooza 2015: Holiday Bowl, Wisconsin Badgers vs. USC Trojans

I have a bad feeling about this one guys

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

So unlike the southern climes (hereby known as SEC Country), 10 inches of snow in 6 hours does not make northeastern Wisconsin shut down completely. It does however, mean yours truly has spent almost all of his time shoveling himself and then his other half out. And then repeating the process this morning because fuck you Speth, you get ALL THE SNOW NOW. So why bother writing a preview at this hour? Because the only thing worse than getting uninvited to the OTE staff retreat would be getting caught peeing on Ted Glover's lawn. So without further adieu, your 2015 Holiday Bowl Preview.


Sunny San Diego, at Qualcomm Stadium, the soon to be former home of the San Diego Chargers


In about 5 hours (December 30, 2015) at 9:30 PM God's Time, ESPN

What's On The Line?

Both teams have had disappointing seasons, but both would love to end the season on a good note. A win for Wisconsin would remove Nebraska/Minnesota as the answer for "Who is Wisconsin's best win?", while USC could use the positive momentum to propel Clay Helton's first offseason as head coach. A win for Wisconsin would also allow them to not only avenge the 1963 Rose Bowl, but also break the record for "Most Uninspiring 10 Plus Win Season in NCAA History" set by last year's Wisconsin team.

What's In It For The Fans?

For Wisconsin fans there, I can guarantee the weather there is nicer than it is in Wisconsin. USC fans will get to see a competent defense. Wisconsin fans will get to see a competent quarterback/passing game. One can also hope that Corey Clement can stop instigating apartment fights long enough to see some action.

The Pick...

USC 24 Wisconsin 10. I hope that USC's defense is really that bad, but I think they have good enough athletes to stack the box and dare Joel Stave to beat them. That doesn't go well for Wisconsin. I also don't have faith that Sojourn Shelton can slow down Juju Smith-Schuster. I'll be wrong if Corey Clement shows up to play and just does Wisconsin running back things, and I would love to see that happen.