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OTE Open Thread: Championship Game Edition

Because I know you all aren't waiting to talk football until tonight

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

So why is there an open thread at 11am ET when the game isn't until tonight? Well, who the hell isn't watching football all day and actually doing that honey do list? NOT HERE.  Here is what we have to hold us over until tonight:

Texas at #12 Baylor (-21.5) || 12:00pm ET || ESPN

This isn't really a conference championship game because LOL Big 12, but if Texas could somehow pull the upset that would be fantastic and hopefully increase the SOS talk of the Big 12 being weak.

#22 Temple at #19 Houston (-5) || 12:00pm ET || ABC

The AAC Championship game.  Yep, the non P5 conference still knows better than the Big 12.  Somehow both of these schools still have their head coaches, and Herman just signed on for another five years at Houston.  Whether or not he lasts another two seasons with how Houston is performing though...

#18 Florida at #2 Alabama (-17.5) || 4:00pm ET || CBS

We're all Florida fans for 3-4 hours today.  If Alabama loses the SEC most likely misses out on the playoffs entirely.

Somehow, it's really hard to schedule games when there are so few that there are three games in the 7:45/8pm timeslot ot night.  Way to go college football.  Could of thrown us some spread out championship games rather than put the ACC, Big 10, and Big 12 games all in the same time slot.

My quick take on Playoff Scenarios:

-The winner of the B1G Championship game is in, that much we know.  It would take a 6-4 performance that Iowa loses for the committee to even consider otherwise.  Even then, and they "re-rank and don't look at last week", Ohio State is sitting right there at 6.  The B1G is setup very nicely to not miss the playoffs.

- Ohio State still has a chance to make the playoffs.  They need Florida to win against Alabama OR Clemson to lose to UNC for this to be a possibility.  It would be sweet if the SEC would not be represented in the playoff as well, but Clemson losing will also do the trick.

- There has been a ton of talk that the loser of the CCG isn't going to the Rose Bowl.  I'm on board with this IF it's Iowa that loses.  I think the Rose Bowl would love to take Ohio State in this situation, but they would also gladly take Michigan State as well.  Sorry Iowa bro's.

Normal rules: no illicit photos, no illegal streams, don't be a jackwagon.