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Big Ten Championship Game Thread and Drinking Game

You bring the beer, we've got more than enough chips to go around!

Who: #5 Michigan State (-3.5) vs. #4 Iowa

When: 7:17pm CST

Where: Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN


Radio: IowaMichigan State

Online streaming: FoxSports GO

We've seen a Texas upset of #12 Baylor, Houston claiming the AACtion Championship, and Western Kentucky mounting a furious comeback to deny Southern Mississippi a FUNBELT title. No doubt the SEC has done something classically SEC and we can all only sit back and marvel at their greatness.

With Clemson-North Carolina, Stanford-USC, and of course Michigan State-Iowa all on tap for tonight, there's more than enough football to go around. Talk about it here!

Drinking Game!

Keeping in mind that we at OTE ask you to enjoy your adult beverages of choice in moderation and to not do anything stupid or life-threatening while enjoying said beverages, we wanted to come up with a little something fun to play as a commentariat tonight! Rules are found below. If especially good ones are devised in the comments, we'll take them under advisement and consider their addition.


Punt = drink

Trick play = finish drink

Recruiting star mentions = drink per star

Off tackle run = drink + burn Atlanta

FB gets a touch = B1G drink

Play of 20+ yards to a TE = B1G drink

GUSGASM = drink while yelling as loud as you can


2013 Cook debut = drink

Burbridge beats an Iowa DB = drink

Reference to 5 11-win seasons in 6 years = drink

Tom Izzo/top-ranked basketball = drink

Michigan game clip = If MSU fan, finish your drink. If Michigan fan, finish your drink. If anyone else, drink 3.


Desmond King INT = 3 drinks

Kinnick reference = drink

Raider package = 2 drinks

"America Needs Farmers" = drink an alcohol derived from corn

Reference to Fran = 2 drinks + smash a chair

Strength and conditioning = 1 drink + a shot of protein powder (dry)


"Essentially" = drink

"Chip" or word forms = 3 drinks

"Giving him the business" = finish drink

Highlights of Iowa or Michigan State beating your team = waterfall until said clip is over


With those rules in mind, remember the normal game thread rules. Let's make an effort to keep it civil and avoid personal attacks against fellow commenters -- we're all here to enjoy/drink through the pain of Big Ten football! No illegal streams, no porn, and don't be a jackwagon. Happy GameThread, y'all!