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How are teams doing in shooty-hoops

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

I took my formula from football, made a few tweaks and ported it over to work for basketball.  I've been fiddling around with a Pythagorean type formula that combines the data in different way that I also like.  So I averaged that new formula with the old formula to get a combined formula.

A reminder that there is no preseason bias here.  What's here is simply a reflection of what teams have done so far this season.  It's still relatively early in the season so there's still a lot of movement day-to-day, and some there are still some things that don't look right.  However, overall, it really is starting to take some shape.

Let's get to the rankings:

And Conferences:


  • Purdue and MSU have been far and away the most impressive teams.
  • WOO!  GO IOWA AWESOME!  Still, though, there's a big drop after Purdue right now.  We're already at bubble status.
  • Woah, there Northwestern, what are you doing up here?
  • Maryland has had a really underwhelming start so far.  Getting the chemistry right so far with so many new comers?  Is Turgeon just a less awkward Tom Crean?  I happen to think it's a bit of both.  Will see if they if they can start to put it together soon.
  • There was a lot of preseason talk about MI being a darkhorse this season after suffering so many injuries last year and bringing in some good talent.  They've been ok, but still a lot of work to do to impress.
  • Speaking of needing to impress, hello there, Indiana.  Certainly a Tom Crean coached team isn't under performing of their talent level.  But yeah, they certainly earned that preseason ranking.  Is anyone ever going to learn?
  • Fuck Bo
  • There are a lot of bad B1G teams this year, it seems.  Little Ricky going to get another year?  Same with Chambers?  I assume the accountant at UNL will get another year.
  • What the hell is up with OSU?  Matta isn't that far removed from Final 4s.  They've been awful so far.
  • IL...nice know the drill.  Can't wait for Groce to get an extension in the next week, or so.
  • Rutgers is horribly awful at basketball.
  • Overall thoughts:

    • Dammit, ISU.  Iowa plays them on Thursday in Ames.  Should be a really fun game.
    • UNC WIlmington has only played three game so far, don't worry, they'll go away.
    • Kentucky was near the top until that loss to the fuckface and UCLA.  That was a pretty bad loss.
    Got any thoughts?