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Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Like the basketball system, I've combined the the new formula with the old to get a combined rating.  I think this is my favorite iteration of the system.




  • OSU is still top in the conference, though it's pretty close with MSU.
  • Still a magical season for Iowa.  Was a devastating loss, but I can't be mad.  Just a phenomenal game.
  • Think this was about as good of a regular season as Michigan fans could ask for.  Still a ways to go to catch Urbz, but he's not going to be a pushover in conference.
  • Northwestern is also riding luck and a great defense to a record that probably outweighs how good they are.  Can't take away those 10 wins, though.
  • Wisconsin fans are salty, and it's kinda great.
  • Penn State, incredibly mediocre, just like their coach and QB.
  • UNL did improve there at the end of the season, and are certainly better than their record.  Maybe with the extra practices they might be able to catch a disinterested UCLA.
  • WOO!  Bowl game for team chaos!
  • Combine injuries, a hellacious schedule and an unexpected coaching shakeup and this is kinda the best MN could have asked for.  Congrats on your winter vacation to Detroit!
  • Illinois, I think Thump just about covered this.
  • Maryland, Rutgers, and Purdue.  You're all horrible.  At least MD and Rutgers are out there trying to get better.  Purdue, you keep rearranging those deck chairs.


  • The top 5 have separated themselves.  Pretty big drop off after MSU.
  • Houston and Navy still in the top 10.  AAC represent!
  • Navy is going to porkstomp Army.
  • Woah,  Hey there, WKU.  Who said Indiana didn't beat any of the good teams they played?
  • Ole Miss is actually pretty good.
  • Appalachian State in the top 20!  I wanted to point this out to give Michigan fans heart attacks.
  • Memphis and Bowling Green in the top 25.  VA Tech and Syracuse made the best coaching hires.  I'm pretty sure everyone saw this coming, right?
  • SEC BIAS!!