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Why Wisconsin Losing Means Absolutely Nothing

Or "Why I Shouldn't Have Drank All That Bleach"

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

It seemed like a good idea at the time...

So most Wisconsin fans, myself included, were less than pleased about the outcome of last night. (Side note- Sometimes sports don't matter). Wisconsin still doesn't have a share of the conference title, has lost to the top two ranked teams they have played, and the bench production is MIA. So when I walked out of class, hungover from all the bleach and motor oil I drank, with an e-mail from Graham that I was the new Wisconsin writer, I knew it was my sworn duty to write this article today. The sun still rose in the east, and the Badgers are still Final Four contenders. Here's why...

Frank Kaminsky- Detective Frank Kaminsky did nothing to hurt his Wooden candidacy last night (18 points and 8 rebounds). At one point during the second half he scored on three straight possessions, continuing to show his willingness to take over games.

Traevon Jackson- The senior point guard has vowed to play against MSU on Sunday. He has yet to be cleared, but he seems to be close to returning. Aside from last night's 2-12 showing, Bronson Koenig has played fabulously in his place, but both aren't going to start and whichever one Our Almighty Father Bo Ryan decides not to start immediately makes the bench scoring better... I MADE A PUN! DID YOU GET IT?!?!?!

This doesn't change Wisconsin's ability to get a one seed at all- Wisconsin is a projected two seed by any of the "experts", while Maryland just got bumped up to a three seed (remember to send a fruit basket to Notre Dame for losing). The current projected number one seeds are Kentucky, Virginia, Duke, and Gonzaga. Kentucky is Kentucky, even if they somehow lose three times (lol) they will get a one seed. Virginia and Duke have both had the inside track on Wisconsin since Rutgers happened. So it comes down to Gonzaga losing. A two loss Gonzaga won't get a one seed over a three loss Big Ten champion. So Wisconsin's hopes for a one seed have always rested on Gonzaga losing. They still do. Go BYU!

This has happened before- Remember when Wisconsin got completely outplayed to the point I was wondering if they were going to get blown out at Nebraska last year? No, all anyone remembers is the Final Four run. From what I could tell Maryland was absolutely rocking last night, and 2015 Maryland is a superior team to 2014 Nebraska. That Wisconsin game was Nebraska's NCAA play-in game, while Maryland's a three seed at this point.

The Big Ten- Some math facts. Wisconsin is up two games on everyone with three to play. Some facts to go with those facts, Wisconsin's only home loss is to Duke. And a dessert fact to go finish your feasting on facts, pie and cake are both better with ice cream. KenPom stats confirm their efficiency ratings at both ends are higher when ice cream is on/in the plate/bowl

And so sums up my first article! I've never been good at writing conclusions so... kthanksbye