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Big Ten Tournament, Day 3: Gamethread, Recaps

The Big Ten is down to its Elite 8

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports


Aubrey Dawkins, turning himself into the next Stauskas/Hardaway athletic smooth-shooting wing threat at Michigan. The only positive of all these injuries is that someone like Dawkins gets game experience and confidence to be a real contributor for next year.

Indiana...breathes a sigh of relief. Right on that cutline, but probably in the Tourney.


9 MICH v 1 WIS 12:00

13 PSU v 4 PUR 2:00

7 IND v 2 MD 6:30

6 OSU v 3 MSU 8:55

Michigan's playing for a Cinderella run...Wisconsin is playing for a POSSIBLE 1 seed in the NCAA Tourney.

Purdue is in an amazing spot, but an upset loss would give the Committee reasons to drop them out of the Tourney field.

Final score prediction of Indiana-Maryland? Lots, lots of points.


Is there a game you're really looking forward to? Who is your favorite to win, besides Wisconsin? When you attend the B1G Tourney, do you enjoy Chicago or Indi more?