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Sweet Sixteen Friday Gamethread

We've got a fun evening of basketball capped off with MSU taking on Oklahoma. Watch it live with us at OTE!

Huggins, for the love of God man buy a real suit!
Huggins, for the love of God man buy a real suit!
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Today we're on the second day of the Sweet Sixteen. Hooray!

Let's review yesterday's games first: Kentucky curbstomped the hapless West Virginia mountaineers 78-39. Were they burning couches or coaches yesterday in Morgantown? Bob Thuggins is known for his March Badness and Kill It With Fire fashion sense.

Bob Huggins Ugly outfit


Wichita State failed their god-given duty to smite the "Fighting" Irish and the holy task now falls to Kentucky. Although most people nationwide, definitely the entire state of Indiana, and at half the state of Kentucky would think there's nothing holy about Kentucky basketball. However, I still have them going all the way in my bracket.

Wisconsin defeated North Carolina, and I think a more eloquent and meme-worthy description of that game comes from our new Wisconsin writer oshkoshbadger5.

Arizona defeated Xavier, and for that I say good riddance. I'm friends with several Dayton Flyers, and they hate Xavier.

Anyway, let's focus on today's games:

  • #11 UCLA takes on #2 Gonzaga at 6:15 PM CST on CBS
  • #8 NC State takes on Louisville at 6:37 PM CST on TBS
  • #5 Utah will be America's heroes if they defeat the vile Duke Blue Devil menace at 8:45 PM CST on CBS
  • #7 Michigan State takes on #3 Oklahoma at 9:07 PM on TBS

Here's the rules: No Hatespeak, No posting of Illegal Streams, No politics, and have fun!