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Spartans Will. Spartans Did.

Final Four! An Ohio State Fan Who Doesn't Care for Basketball Salutes the Spartans

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

You read that write. I don't really care for basketball much. And I don't really care for Michigan State all that much either. But even I, your humble Buckeye homer, can recognize that MSU would not be denied in that game. I could try to muster some deep, introspective analysis of how Louisville's Mangok Mathiang could've sealed the Spartans fate with a little less mustard on his second free throw attempt. Or how the Spartans had no business being in this position at all, given the talent they lost and their occasional struggles this season. But I'll leave that real analysis to Andrew Kraszewski. No point in trying to fake the funk now.

What matters is that the Spartans had an opportunity and they seized it. Louisville didn't have the legs or the heart to keep up with MSU in extra innings. The Cardinals weren't the equals of the Spartans. When the going got tough, the boys in green & white had more in the tank. Now, just as in football season, the same B1G that was declared down/weak/dead in the early goings is now crushing souls in the post-season.

It's going to be a B1G Final Four. Well done, Izzo. Well done, Sparty.