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Spring Cleaning 2015: Uniforms

We've got great venues, historic games, and a proud gridiron history in the Big Ten. However, we don't always do everything right. Let's take a look at some of the crappier jerseys we need to throw out of our closets

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Springtime is here! Our conference has kindly invited Kentucky and Duke to a little basketball invitational, pitchers and catchers are in spring training, the Golf season starts up soon with the Masters, and oh yes, Spring Football games are coming! WOOO!!! I'll be in Evanston this saturday to see my Wildcats and the free open spring practice. It's been too long, friends!

Every spring it's time to clean out the unwanted stuff that we no longer need. I think this is a good occasion for us to look at all the old stuff in our closet and throw out what we don't need: in this case Football Uniforms!

However, I don't think any of our worst uniforms are as bad as the McDonald's approved abominations from Iowa State University

Let's see if anything our teams have worn have been worse than the ISU McUniforms!


Nice job beating the Vile Gopher Menace, but seriously stick with Orange and Blue jerseys. These are hideous.

Bad Illinois football jersey


Hey Indiana, are helmets that are supposed to blind people even legal on the football field?

Better Indiana Candystripes

Indiana, if you want to use Candystripes right, do this:

IU Helmet Pants

All kidding aside, I think your worst uniform was in the Antwaan Randle-El era:

Antwaan Randle El

The fork is a much better logo for you guys anyway.


Iowa didn't fare too well with the Banana-Peel Hawkeye uniforms. Unfortunately, these uniforms are from the last few years of Hayden Fry's tenure in Iowa City. I believe that Kirk Ferentz restored the Pittsburgh Steelers look right away in his first season.

Iowa Bumblebee uniforms


All of you know damn well what's coming, right? Heh heh.

And yes, some of you will probably complain that these jerseys were from Maryland's ACC days. Hey, it's my article and I make the rules.

Maryland, ok, we get it, you love your state flag. That doesn't mean you have to plaster the damn thing everywhere!

Maryland State Pride uniforms - bad

Maryland, you should use these jerseys and helmets instead:

Better Maryland State Pride

Good UA Maryland Uniforms


Even Worse Maryland


Are you guys trying to be the Georgia Tech Bumblebees? Aren't these jerseys from the Alabama game in JerryWorld?

Michigan Bumblebee

Michigan State University

Your colors are Green and White. Not Green and Gold. That's Baylor University. Got that, Nike?


Shitty MSU Uniforms


All yellow is just frightening. Use Maroon tops and yellow pants, or White tops and yellow pants. NOT THIS!

Minnesota All Yellows

Also, the double-M's uniforms in the mid 90s were just weird.

More bad Minnesota Unis

Nebraska and Wisconsin

Yeah, I think a lot of you saw this coming: Nebraska's NOID uniforms from their first game in the Big Ten. UGH. I think that the numbers should be plainly visible on the chest of the players.

Wisconsin-Nebraska bad uniforms


Sadly, my Northwestern Wildcats have been bitten by the bad uniform bug. This time, Under Armour decided to deck us out patriotically with their Wounded Warrior program. I don't mind us wearing a little bit of red white and blue, like we do when we put the flag pattern inside the sculpted N on the helmets and on midfield for the first game after September 11th.

I really wish that Under Armour's designers would've made the visual connection between the distressed flag pattern and a blood stained flag because it just wasn't worth all the noise that week with people ripping on Northwestern for perceived bloody jerseys. Also, there's no damn purple in the uniform!

Northwestern Wounded Warrior uniforms

I'm also ticked off that no one complained when Boston College wore the same damn thing! Their jerseys were equally distressed as ours!!

Boston College bad jersey

Ohio State

Ohio State, your standard uniforms look great. Just tell Nike to knock it off with all the stupid alternates they make for you. Your standard uniforms are classic and you should wear them all the time. These alternate uniforms are in my humble opinion the worst:

OSU Weird Retro Unis

Although, the jerseys you guys rocked in the 80s were kind of bad. The numbers do not need to take up ALL THE DAMN JERSEY!
OSU Spielman Jersey

Penn State

Keep the names off your jerseys and everything's kosher.


You guys are not Oregon, so tell Nike to get lost when they want to incorporate Neon colors into your uniform. Other than that, no complaints.

Purdue BadUni2


My high school had better uniforms than this! UGH

Bad Rutgers Football Uniforms

What do you guys think? Have at it in the comments!

EDIT: Now there's a poll attached so you can tell us who has the worst uniforms history in the Big Ten!