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OTE Needs A Minnesota Writer! And B1G 2015 Is Here!


Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota, Represent

Off Tackle Empire needs a Minnesota writer. Chris is going to concentrate on the Daily Gopher and life in general.

So we are bereft and lolling around in the open sea, with no one to discuss Jerry Kill's amazing resiliency and how next year will be the year Minnesota hoops puts it together.

But seriously. We need a Minnesota writer soon. Why? Because...

B1G 2015 IS HERE!!!

If you don't know what B1G 2015 is, take a look through the yearly archives. It's coming down the pipe, bigger and better and with more Friday rival hot takes than ever before. We start with (who else) but Purdue Week on May 4, followed closely by Indiana Week. If any of our dignified readers would like to be part of B1G 2015, shoot me a message at grahamfiller10 at gmail dot com.

This year, our daily subjects are as follows:

Monday: Cocktail Party Preview (extended cliff notes on your school's football team in 2015)

Tueday: Personnel Profile (In-depth look at the fanbase, your team's coach or best player...or a self-introduction to the team's writer)

Wednesday: Potluck Day (duh, the best day of the week)

Thursday: Wild Card (Hoops Preview, longform, non-revenue sport)

Friday: Rivalry Piece or Fan's "State of the Program" piece