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Beer at Big Ten College Football and Basketball Games?

Yes please, in the name of safety and efficiency and fairness.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Many thanks to Maryland's great SBN blog for bringing this fascinating subject up:

At a meeting on March 24, the university's athletic council voted 16-1 to approve a student-crafted proposal to expand the sale of beers from exclusive areas inside Byrd Stadium and Xfinity Center to general concession spots around those buildings, sources familiar with the situation told Testudo Times. If university president Wallace Loh and then the Prince George's County Liquor Board approve the idea - a process that could take several months - the school could start selling beer to of-age patrons as soon as next fall's football season.

As it stands now, only select fans can purchase beer at Maryland games - those in Tyser Tower at Byrd Stadium and luxury areas and the Heritage Hall club level at Xfinity Center. The passage of the current proposal would branch beer sales out to the rest of the crowd, which regularly numbers more than 50,000 overall for football and 15,000 for men's basketball. The expansion would get a one-year trial, after which time the university could terminate it.

There are so many good reasons for allowing beer sales at Big Ten games...

Cut down on binge drinking

Millions in revenue stream from alcohol bought at games

Allow access to all attendees, not just suites or special concourses

And of course, for the fan who starts drinking, goes into the game and continues drinking, there needs to be limits.

But let's open it up for discussion. Also lets have the most one-sided poll in OTE history...