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Final Four Gamethread: Michigan State, Duke, Wisconsin, Kentucky

It all begins with the Spartans at 6:09pm EST, and then the Badgers at 8:49pm EST. Join the Gamethread and get all riled up with us.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Well goodness. It's here. The Final Four, and oh what a Final Four it's shaping up to be. Three absolutely loaded squads, the three best teams in America...and the plucky March Madness-lovin' Michigan State Spartans. The first day of the tourney was outstanding, one of the best in recent memory. The Round of 32 was ok, Sweet 16 not bad...But oh Molly that Elite 8! Now we're ready for some hoops!

Numerous storylines abound! How will the Spartans stop the gigantic Okafor? Are there any good restaurants in Indi? Could someone, please, someone, beat the unstoppable Kentucky Wildcats? Is Men's College Hoops terribly behind the times and boring? Will Jake Rudock win 11 or 12 games at Michigan in 2015?

We appreciate you coming around Off Tackle Empire for our March Madness coverage. We hope you enjoy our gamethread. Normal disclaimer: Keep it civil, no illegal streams (you shouldn't even need those, CBS streams for free online at, no porn, etc.

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