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Better Know An OffTackleEmpire "Writer": LincolnParkWildcat

LPW explains himself for who he is and why he's here.

Who am I?

A computer programmer who's also a Northwestern season ticket holder. I'm also the photoshop guy around here.

What's LincolnParkWildcat mean?

It's an homage to my favorite places in Chicago, Lincoln Park the neighborhood and Lincoln Park itself.

How'd you ever find SBN and OTE?

Somehow in 2009 I came across BHGP comparing pro wrestlers to college football programs and laughed my ass off.  I joined BHGP, and then later SippinOnPurple and OffTackleEmpire. I spend most of my time here because I like the give and take between all the fanbases. I became a "Writer" here in January.

You were a Domer?!?

Yes, I grew up a Notre Dame fan. I'm part Irish and went to Catholic grade school in Chicago's southwestern suburbs . Also, I thought the movie Rudy was cool and inspiring. Now I consider it loathsome propaganda.

How is a DePaul grad a Northwestern fan?

Simple: My dad and brother went there, and DePaul does not have a football team.

My brother is 18 months younger than I am and went to Northwestern roughly the same time I was at DePaul. My dad decided to start going to games again and brought along the entire family. We had fun tailgating at my brother's off campus frat parties before and after games. My brother graduated and moved away from Chicago, but I'm still here and going to games with the folks.

What's your avatar?

It's Northwestern's old athletic logo from the 60s or so. I think I've encountered one other person who uses it ever on SBN.

What do I do when not on OTE?

I like biking along the lakefront, I've taken improv classes at Second City, like trying out new craft beer, binge watch different TV shows on Netflix or whatever (the current show I'm watching is Homeland), and also reading up about new developments in my field.

Please don't spoil anything about Homeland in the comments, I'm partway through season 2.

What about sports?

I'm a Cubs, Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls and Northwestern fan. I've lamented growing up not seeing Blackhawk home games on television, so I'm not a bandwagon Blackhawks fan.

Why do we have multiple Northwestern writers here?

All of us are awesome, thats why!