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Northwestern - Notre Dame memories

I took some awesome pictures from Northwestern's awesome upset of Notre Dame

I like taking photos at football games using my trusty Canon Powershot SX230 HS. It's has a 14x optical zoom lens for shooting 12 megapixel photos. Never take photos using digital zoom, they tend to look like crap.

I drove to South Bend early in the morning with my dad. We had to park in the far north parking lot and then walk a mile south to get to the main part of campus.

We walked around a bit, went in the Basilica a bit, walked around some more and then finally made our way into the stadium. Good lord it was cold that day! I had to buy some thermal underwear from North Face so I wouldn't turn into an ice cube.

We were sitting with a ton of other Northwestern fans in I believe section 116 in the southeastern side of the stadium. We were luckily sitting near the back of the upper deck in the new addition that was built after the 1996 season.

One thing to note: CELL PHONE SERVICE WAS FLAWLESS!!! I really would like that in Evanston.

What a game. It was such an absolute blast to come back and win. Also, I was told that in the end of the game you could hear "LETS GO CATS! LETS GO CATS!" loud and clear on NBC!

I really enjoyed screaming that across campus and watching ND students and fans scurry and hide, look away, or give me the finger.

Driving out of South Bend was a bit of a nightmare because we were rerouted by the cops through random streets and we had no idea where we were. Eventually we got back home. What a day. What a game.

I only hope Notre Dame actually makes the return trip to Evanston in 2018 and doesn't cancel due to the ACC schedule or something. I think they'll cancel, but I'd like to be proven wrong.


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