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Rutgers OffTackleEmpire concept t-shirt

Help LPW finish the design or suggest a new one for Rutgers

Sherman in a suit of Armor
Sherman in a suit of Armor

Two years ago Graham got permission to start selling OTE t-shirts. I had some fun with the adding my own zany take to the shirts, and I even managed to design the official Maryland t-shirt, which is basically Sherman in a Maryland-flag patterned jacket.

However, we've never gotten around to an official Rutgers t-shirt. The time is now.

So, OTE and visitors from OnTheBanks, this is my preliminary Rutgers design. Ray Ransom loves this shirt.

All week, I'm open to ideas on how to improve or refine on this after work. Let me know what to do, and when we're good to go make sure that Graham Filler and/or Jesse Collins put the order in with the t-shirt company.