I Love Rutgers.





I'm tellin' ya, this is the greatest week bestowed upon thine lives in the history of Off Tackle Empire. Why? Because us Rutgers fans are still riding high off of our 8-5 season. You know, our first season competing in the B1G Ten...That season. This is the greatest week because we get to come out in droves and entertain you all with our colorful Rutgers/Jersey personalities. I know ya'll have been ecstatic since you saw that Ray Ransom article headlining the top of the blog yesterday.

I feel that, at least on OTE, us Rutgers fans have integrated ourselves pretty steadily into the site. Though, I'm sure for many of you, it felt like this-



Anyway, onto introductions. I'm Zuzu and I love Rutgers. I absolutely LOVE IT (No, Zuzu is not my real name). I didn't always love Rutgers, but by golly thanks to some unfortunate financial mishaps, I ended up at my state school.


Mayhaps I love it because I'm on that field every Game Day telling everyone how much I love Rutgers through the sonorous sound of my trombone. Could it also be the rich historical history that Rutgers has? Perhaps it's that I freaking love New Jersey and going to RU is the best way to represent this great state. Maybe it's just because we're an underdog and everyone loves an underdog. Dunno, but whatever the reason, I love it. (By the way, the Mets are/were an Underdog too...)


Geez... look at that dull, empty stadium...

Everyone needs like-minded people in their lives! I love Rutgers so much that I solely surround myself with Rutgers loving friends who will auto-correct change every positive adjective in their phones to Rutgers, just as I have.


This year will be my senior year at Rutgers and I will be graduating as a part of the 250th graduating class. I will also be ending my time in the marching band in its 100th Anniversary season. Remember that rich historical history I was telling you guys about? Anyway, clearly, I came in at a great time to end my time at Rutgers on some of the highest notes you can end a college career on. I'm a bit sad about entering the final chapter of my life at RU, but with my amazing Rutgers degree, which is one of the top in its field, I will be moving onto great things. So ultimately, I think that is why I love Rutgers.

I'm also obsessed with Rutgers Football, so yeah.


I have enough Rutgers pride for about a 100 people and still have plenty left over for me. If you would like some, just let me know. Free of charge for all of Rutgers week.


Just two band members, loving Rutgers... you know after performing at the Super Bowl.

I will be soaking in the Scarlet sunshine of Rutgers Week here on OTE. As I often say when I post, you can direct thine hate elsewhere. OR, alternatively, you can just admit to me and all of the other Rutgers fans on here that you secretly love us.

I'll be here all week.

If you wanna keep hating on Rutgers, fine. I say this to you,


Number of times the word Rutgers was used in this post- 28

(Would it truly have been a Fanpost from a Rutgers fan without gifs? ;) )