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A sports fan's mancave is the place to be.

Sports fandom isn't just watching games and cheering on your team. It's also not just arguing about your team with your friends, family, and assorted denizens of OTE, it's also about saving mementos and keepsakes for later.

For example when our own Jon Ross and his Buckeye buddies went Duck hunting in January, he made sure to buy tons of memorabilia to celebrate the win.

Over a period of time, Jon will accumulate a lot more memorabilia and need a bigger place to store it all. The best place to store stuff like that for people in their 20s and 30s is in their apartment, but when someone moves into a house the best thing to do is create a special room. most likely in the basement: a Mancave*!

* We do have female readership here, and I'd be surprised if they didn't enthusiastically contribute to their own sports shrines at their homes/apartments. I chose the word Mancave because it's catchier from a headline perspective than "sports shrine". Also, are these rooms called anything else? /bosashrug.emoji.. Help me out in the comments.

I don't yet have a Mancave, but my dad has been collecting Northwestern memorabilia ever since I introduced him to eBay 20 years ago. Some of the Northwestern stuff he has will be familiar to some of you. He's graciously allowed me to photograph it for your enjoyment. Enjoy!

I'm also calling you out OTE: What's in your mancave/shrine? Let's see some pictures in the comments!

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