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You will be missed Tim Beckman

Who would we be if we did not pay our respects to Tim Beckman?

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

It seems as if everyone is writing an article in response to University of Illinois AD Mike Thomas firing Tim Beckman last Friday. Some are just recaps of his career as "coach" of the Illinois Fighting Illini, and others are looking forward by figuring out his replacement. We here at OTE realized that it wouldn't be appropriate to just stand on the sideline - just barely avoiding the referee - and decided we needed to do our part. So what is befitting of remembering Illinois' recently fired head coach? Of course! A video of Tim Beckman's finest moments as the coach of Illinois.  We did some looking around and put this together, hope you enjoy!

If that wasn't enough, SBN has put together 7 of Beckman's finest moments as well! Bye Tim!

All video credits go to LincolnParkWildcat...DJ just had fun finding all the videos to be cut in and laughing at Beckman