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Big Ten Online: OTE Social Media Takeover #TheEmpire

Yell at anonymous internet tough guys all year! #TheEmpire

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Off Tackle Empire has some amazing writers and commentors. And just like all of you in the Selfie generation, we put everything online. So, like every good lawyer, I'm going to headline and bold my instructions today:

We have articles, exciting pictures, and you can easily share that "Open Letter to Kirk Ferentz" with all your friends.

Follow Off Tackle Empire on Facebook

Doesn't that look like a fun place to hang out? Just click the "LIKE" button above forgoodnessakes.

Follow @OffTackleEmpire on Twitter

#Follow us. Occasionally an OTE writer will do a twitter takeover and you'll be fully immersed in #B1G in-game experience. Your favorite OTE personalities are all on Twitter and I assume you can get their Twitter handles by clicking on their usernames.

Or, each OTE writer can do a "First Day of 1st Grade" introduction in the comments, along with a reason you should follow them. That sounds about right.

Get Featured on #TheEmpire Twitter Takeover

Two kids are a lot to handle? Not happy with the political process? Find purpose and meaning on #TheEmpire!

Tweet us with the hashtag #TheEmpire, or leave a humorous or insightful comment below and we'll tweet it on the OTE account. Finally, you're someone!